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I wasn't content with any of the other teleportation mods, so I tried to make one myself. Please note that I am currently looking for a nifscope artist to help me with creating an even better teleporter model. Additionally this mod is currently in Beta testing and will be re-released once the mod is in a final version, any help with the mod and its testing is greatly appreciated.

  • Seamlessly Adds an NPC who, if looted, has notes and detailed documents on how to build your very own teleporter within your settlements. 
  • Up to 10 teleporters per settlement, in up to 128 possible locations can be built, with a total limit of 128.
  • Teleporters can be renamed¹ for better coordination when multiple teleporters are used within the same settlement.
  • Power requirement can be set to values between 10 and 60, but the lower you set it, the higher doses of radiation you get.
  • Works in any mod-added settlement, including locations like Home Plate.
  • (Optional) Telelogistics system: Use teleportation technology instead of mutated cows to establish supply lines between settlements. Just build Telelogistics Units in your settlements, and use a connected terminal to connect them.²
 ¹ Names can be selected from a pre-defined list only.
 ² The Telelogistics System is not available in locations like Home Plate.

You should come across a hint during the main quest; however, if you have already found Kellogg please view the spoiler below for details you may have missed.


If you prefer to just start up the mod and teleport right away and do not wish to deal with maps and quests, please see the spoiler below.


After being installed, a new submenu will be added under "Power". The installation holotape is also required should you want to uninstall the mod.

After installing the blueprints, a new submenu will appear in workshop mode under "Power". This menu contains the teleporter. Build at least two teleporters, either in different or in the same settlement, and connect them to a power supply. Then, activate the integrated terminal on one of them. Select "Remote Teleporters" to travel to another settlement, or "Local Teleporters" to travel to another teleporter within the same one.

Under the "Settings" submenu you can configure the the power requirement/player irradiation tradeoff, as well as name the teleporter. The naming function helps to tell local teleporters apart. Unfortunately, the names can't really be customized, thus you must select a name from the list that I have provided you.
Additionally, you can access the submenu "Global Settings" from here. It allows you to change the default power requirement of any newly-built teleporters, among other things.

NOTE: If you change the power settings, you will need to disconnect and reconnect the teleporter from the power grid (using the workshop or a switch or by turning off the generator, doesn't matter).

There might be conflicts with mods which alter Kellogg's terminal.

Unless you have F4SE, the list of workshops is sorted by the order in which teleporters were built there. With F4SE, they are sorted alphabetically.