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Added: 13/08/2017 - 10:34AM
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Last updated at 23:26, 16 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 10:34, 13 Aug 2017

For this rendition of 'Why Wasn't This Already a Thing, Bethesda?', I present a settlement at Breakheart Banks! You know, the one with all the farm things. That totally should be a settlement. And now it is! Finally! I've wanted to do this since I first spent 20 minutes trying to find the workbench for this place because I could have sworn it'd be one! Yay!

Also, the handy-dandy CK cell window showed me that there's an unused cell in the game. It's a 5% finished cave with the name "Breakheart Banks," so naturally I rolled it into the world here. I love little places to explore like that. You do too. I promise.

Instead of making a clean version and an immersive version separately, I added a few toggle buttons next to the workbench so that you can make the settlement as immersive or as cleaned up as you want. Leave it as is, or clear almost everything to build your wasteland utopia! (As always, the first time you push the button you'll have to hit it twice to make it work right.)

The build area extends down the cliff to the water because, well, it wouldn't really be a 'Banks' if it didn't have, you know, a bank. Plus, water. Water is good. Also, because the build area edge things never work right, I've placed some oil lamps around the area to give you an approximate idea of how far you can build, and they're easier on the eyes than Bright Neon Green.

I disabled Minutemen quests for this location to reduce the change of errors and bugs, but you can get randomly attacked like normal settlements. The original Super Mutants won't respawn, however. 

That's about it. This is a simple mod that I think makes a lot of sense in the world. As usual, let me know what you like or don't like, and tag me in the comments! Enjoy! 

(Available for all platforms.)


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