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Added: 13/08/2017 - 06:37AM
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Idea taken fromĀ Jef's Dirty Water. I liked the idea of using bottles and cans and filling them up with water at any cooking station, however Jef's mod only had 4 recipes for dirty water. So I made this mod from scratch in the Creation Kit, and expanded it to include all vanilla empty bottles and cans. Simple mod, gives a good option for getting dirty water, which is surprisingly rare to find in the wasteland, especially compared to purified water which you can get by the brahmin-load once you get a settlement going.

  • 26? or so recipes for filling bottles/cans with dirty water at a cooking bench
  • Own crafting submenu to prevent clutter in beverages tab.

When crafting dirty water, selection will always jump down to the recipe at the bottom of the list. I have no idea how to fix this, as I have very very little experience with modding. If anybody knows how to fix this bug, let me know and i'll update the mod when possible.