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Added: 11/08/2017 - 01:49PM
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Dark Nights ENB

As stated in the readme, unless something comes up, this mod is to be considered final.

(i might make an updated version if/when Fo4-ENBseries gets updated, mind you)

I needed an ENB preset for dark nights and had a hard time finding a simple one, so i made one instead.
Version 3 is now up! It's lighter on performance, more vivid, has longer daylight & darker nights; in short, i upped overall ranges.
(see included readme for details)

  • Installation: Install ENBSeries in your Fallout 4 game-directory first.
  • -you can delete/omit the .fx-files, as mine will take precedence in the folder i use.
  • Unpack my file to your game-directory(NOT the Data-folder), overwriting ENBseries.ini and making ENBseries-folder.

  • Uninstallation: Remove "ENBseries"-folder & "ENBseries.ini"-file. -remember to also uninstall ENBseries if you don't need it anymore.

I am using it with Vivid Fallout & Enhanced Color Correction to great effect.

SHIFT-Enter ingame will allow you to customize the settings.
SHIFT-F12 toggle ENB.


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