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Icebreaker - Settlements
Settler Dialogue Overhaul


A careful overhaul of the human settler idle dialogue, adding 400+ new lines of dialogue, tripling the variety of what settlers can say and reducing repetitive lines. With the Fallout 4 built-in facial animation of emotion tied to each new line, the settlers have a little more personality now. You might even shed a tear when a raider guts one of your settlers during a settlement attack now. When there's more time I plan to work on Ghoul settler dialogue.


  • 400+ new lines. Settlers have multiple different tone versions of the basic one word greetings + longer richer lines.
  • All lines should have the default built-in Fallout 4 facial emotion animations applied.
  • The lines are split up across the 8 different voice types, creating 50+ new lines for each voice type.
  • Settlers won't accuse the player of being a synth or trampling their corn in power armor after hitting certain points in the Minutemen questline.
  • Settlers will recognize the player as the General of the Minutemen after a certain point in the questline.
  • Some of the other annoying settler comments will be tweaked in the next version.
  • Separate versions under the 'Optional' download section that add a couple flirty dialogue lines from female settlers, male settlers, or both!
  • Made especially for the 22 people who built brothels in their settlements.

Images in demo video are from Better Settlers mod by Thom293


NMM for the automatic install. For manual it's also simple, instructions are in the ReadMe.txt.  To uninstall just remove the same files, instructions also in the ReadMe.txt.


Compatible - Any mod that doesn't touch 'DialogueFarmGeneric' quest dialogue. Should work fine with Better Settlers, Unique Settlers, or any settler mod that just changes visuals, gear, or behavior.
Not compatible: Any mod that touches settler dialogue lines. Probably not compatible with Immersive Generic Dialogue.

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    • Unfuzer - File format conversion.
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