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Place the decompressed file in the Data folder.Enable MOD.

※必要なDLC / Required DLC

無し/No need DLC


Delete ykrmod file.(main,textures.esp)



A box filled with prototype Equipments will appear near the Vault111 Ext.
A neutral group emerges in the west side of the Concord.
Some prototype weapons needed special bullets.
Ammunition is contained in added ammo box,It is also possible to create it at the chemistry station.

· Correct spelling error of name
· Change Summon Protectron to Slim Body
· Change summon 2 characters to normal size
· Add material box and drag box
- Fixed a module remodeling trouble caused by additional weapons


As weapon settings were changed drastically,
I recommend that you reinstall this MOD.

〇Additional equipment:
Ol' Painless      :Performance rifle similar to FO3 era.
Old incinerator:Fire an incendiary bullet like a heavy incinerator.(FO3,FONV era.)
Mk.9       :Launch 100 lasers With one shot. 
Mk.12       :Gatling laser whose fire rate is crazy.
Mk.17       :Automatic rifle to fire tracking bullet.
Mk.18       :Plasma rifle version of Mk.17.
Mk.20              :Firing an Assaultron laser but it is unstable.
PPB Rifle       :Prototype rifle packed with various special effects.
HE Rifle       :Rifle to fire explosive bullets.
M.M.L       :Firing 15 missiles with one shot. Lock on is also possible.
Old M.I.R.V      :Use special bullets and fire eight Mininukes.
HomingRifle     :.50 caliber rifle to fire guided bullets.
STALKER Nuke   :Fatman that can lock on.
Meteor             :Plasma grenade launcher. It can not fly far away.
Meteor Mk,2     :Plasma  cluster grenade launcher. (Do not shoot downwards!!!)
AndStayBack     :Shotgun where the enemy falls for 5 seconds.Invalid for robots.
BlowOut       :Minigun that blows off enemies with a barrage.
GuideGranade   :Grenade to track enemies. Lock on is necessary with other weapons.
          ※Out of service of Demolition Expert Lv2(throwing arc does not work)
Proximity fuze   :Missile launcher with proximity fuse.
                             Explosion will occur if there are enemies within the detection range.
Minethrower     :Project a landmine. Seeker type has inductive function. 
                         These landmines can be picked up.
RYUUSEI            :It is similar to meteor but it does not explode.
PipeReceiver     :Add a receiver to fire special bullets for pipe weapons.
                              ※Due to configuration problems, the name of the new receiver is not reflected.
Flare Gun   :Firing strange bullets.
MLRS                 :(Do not shoot downwards!!!)
Acid Lancher      :Launch acid.
Vertibird Killer   :Shoot down Vertibird with one shot
SentryBot Minigun: Minigun with the same performance as a SentryBot Minigun.
Bomb                 :Hand grenade with strange sound when equipped.
Turret Beacon     :Summon a special turret.
Repelling 〇〇    :Kill Mole rat with one blow (DLC not supported)
Vertibird summon grenade:Summon autopilot Vertibird(Can be collected)
Minibird Beacon  :Summon small vertibird.
Gutsy CombatRifle: Unusual hit accuracy, fire performance, recoil control.
Bomb(Only Blow)  : This does not explode. It's just a blunt instrument.
L.M.G                  : Machine gun shooting 5.56 mm bullet.
Following Vertibird Beacon: This Vertibird follow Player.
Fire Hydrant Bat  : Blunt weapon. Big.
Resistance to power:Kill the faction leaders with one blow. Player are also included.
Old Democracy    : LibertyPrime Laser.  Democracy is immortal.
Frag S mine         : Grenade and landmines that shoot shot after separation.
Summon Gurenade : Summon special NPC.
Big Bolder           : Throw a big rock. Direct hit is basic.
Mythic D Gauntlet : Add Furious Legendary , Yao Guai Attack ,Grudge(Strange sounds).
Paulson revolver  : Firing 9 bullets. The fire power is lower than the original.
Rain Of Nuke       : Spread 60 nuclear bombs from the sky into wide areas.
                                 Extremely dangerous weapon. Attention to CTD

Giving legendary effects to these weapons is unexpected.
I do not recommend giving legends that change the bullets Projectile.
(explosion,Incendiary,Plasma infused etc...)

・Armor (it can be equiped at the same time) 
Protector          :Resistant to various attacks.(Physics,Acid,Poison,etc)
Rad bloker        :It has high radioactivity resistance. Ads can not be blocked.
Carry pack+  :Total weight increases.
EX Damage 〇〇:+25% Damage for specific faction.
VATS Scanner     : awareness.
EXP〇〇%    :double the XP (×0.1~×30)
Hawk Feather     : Lv2 Blitz-reinforced accessories.
CRI Banker 5      : You can save to five VATS CRI stars.    ★★★ → ★★★★★
Epinephrine       : Testing Item. It does not seem to work properly.
Portable Recon Sensors/Tesla Coils/Targeting HUD
Rad Blocker S    : Invalidate all radiation exposure including food and drink.

Flying human kit:Equipment using jet pack system.There are three optional parts.
                               ○Prevents falling damage 100%.
          ○Increase movement speed (flight speed) by 50%.
                               ○AP+350 and increases AP refresh at high speed.
          ○Water walking
                               ○Jumping power increase
HANABI Fireworks : Launch fireworks. There are pistol type and mine type.
OWATA!! System   : MAx HP-99 EXP 0%  You can experience fear of a blow death with Lv1 + END4.  
                              (Lv1 + End4 → MAXHP 1  No Lv up. It is easily killed.)

Because the jetpack system has not been remodeled,
There is probably no interference with other jetpack MOD.
※Pull out optional parts,It may be good to use it with another jetpack MOD.

Turret ?  : You will be able to produce Robots,Human Merc,Queen.
Caravan : Add 10 water or Food.
Courier  : Add 50 Food and Water. Employment costs are very high.

It seems that some equipments are already made by others.
I am sorry that the content has suffered.