About this mod

Blueprint of the Graygarden settlements. Powered by Snoopy.

Permissions and credits
Blueprint copy of the Graygarden, small militarized settlement fully electrified.

1. Transfer Settlements ver. 1.51.
2. Clean up the territory before importing procedure, you make a decision.
3. After importing the blueprints: calibrate all sensors to enemies targeting,  it's necessary to reconnect the logic gates wires on inner sides of the main gate, since they remain behind the logic gates textures.

Required list of mods (latest version):
Auto Doors ver. 1.5
Fusion core refueler ver. 1.5
More guard barricades ver. 1.2
Settlement Radar Station ver. 2.3
Radiation Cleaning ver. 1.35
Timer power switch ver 1.0
Scrap-O-Tron 2000 ver. 1.5
West Tek Tactical Optics - Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More ver. 2.01
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle ver. 1.42
Farming resources ver. 2.3b