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Player home and transport system to thirteen locations.

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This mod unsupported. Better version here.

1.What this is

Adds a Wrecked vertibird to commonwealth that you can fix and use as a player home and transport system. You can find the wreckage at Nord Hagen Beach, but you'll need to find a vertibird repair kit. Once working you can feed it fuel to teleport around the commonwealth, store your junk, or rest your head on the Counting Sheep Sleeping Bag, patent pending, that offers all of the joys of sleeping in a bed. Repair kit it located on the roof of the Dartmouth Professional Building roof near the fuel tank or North of College Square in a vertibird. Repair kit is crafted at a chemistry station.

1.5 R.I.P. First time uploading a mod with scripts, so i ran into a problem where the esp wouldn't recognize them in the bsa without a quest. Instead I just threw them into a loose folder you need to download with the mod, tested it, and got it working.


8 commonwealth locations with linked workbenches
-The flags on the back of the right seat are the travel activators. Click them to travel.
-Locations: Sanctuary, Parson's Creamery, Poseidon Reservoir, Nord Hagen Beach, Dartmouth Professional Building, College   Square overpass, GNN Tracks, and General Atomics Factory
3 Far Harbor Locations with cooking stations
-The empty bottle, umbrella, and plant, on the seat are the travel activators.
-Locations: North Point(North of Briney's Bait and Tackle), Beached Barge (between Far Habor City and the MS Azalea), and Ruined Church
2 Nuka World Locations with cooking stations
-Nuka Girl and the bunny are the travel activators(The image in the gallery is an early build version)
-Locations: Nuka World Station Parking Lot, Nuka World Red Rocket
Dirty Water barrles for vertibird spots without nearby water

Maine Travel Guide to enable travel to FarHarbor locations
-Found at one of the vertibird spots in FarHarbor
Massachuestts Travel Guide to enable travel to NukaWorld locations
-Found at one of the vertibird spots in NukaWorld

Navmeshed Dartmouth roof, but no navmesh for interiors(not enough room for other people)

1.3 Version
Fixed dlc activators that were not clickable

1.2 version
-take off sound when traveling for immersion
-need to craft repair kit through chemistry station

3. Q&A

Q.How much fuel does it take to fly somewhere?
A. 2 oil components.

Q. What happens to the leftover components from the fuel?
A. They disappear so don't put items that have more than 2 oil in the fuel tank

Q.Why are there so many workbenches scattered around the vertibird locations?
A. Naugrim04. I'm trying to get people to have camps away from downtown in frost.

Q.Why are there so few workbenches in the dlc locations?
A.Let Go!

Q.Why can't I travel to the dlc locations
A. You need the travel guides. This avoid glitches from traveling there to early.

Q. I want more locations
A. There are few locations that can fit a vertibird without worldspace edits. I also like how you won't be able to sleep in this all the time if you want to explore.

Q.Will you allow configuration options to fit to a player's taste?
A. I'm not rocking enough points in intelligence nor do i have the required coding perks to do that.

Q. Why did you make this mod?
A. I wanted a traveling home that allowed me to hide from rad storms and didn't give me purified water. I was also bored.

Q. I'm trying to add fuel to the container but nothing is happening?
A. The exterior tanks are for aesthetics and markers for where the vertibird will be, useful if you're adding items to the area. The fuel container is inside the vertibird near Pvt. Jangles.

Q. Why are the interior windows made out of metal?
A. I don't want players looking out into a wall.   Maybe it is some special radiation shielding the army was testing for the mk2 vertibirds(vertibird designs from previous games)?

4. Bugs and incompatibilities

Frost was enabling the out of order elevator door in Dartmouth so you probably need this below Frost
. Otherwise, you might get a vertibird stuck on Dartmouth roof with no way to get to it or out of Dartmouth.

5. Recommended mods to use along side
-Conquest to make the exteriors more welcoming and make the workbenches fit in.

6. possible additions

-ice cold cooler if i ever figure out how to get Recipe Container to work(problem is me)
-frost version with frost things to make it more frosty
-Dartmouth roof settlement without people
-create recipe requirements for vertibird repair kit instead of needing to find it
-sound effects when traveling
7. Thanks

REDROCKETTV for the elevator guide
DarkFox127 for scripting guides. I would be staring at code like a foreign language without them
Apc Transport for opensource codes.  Helped with seeing how the parts worked together