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This mod adds dynamic shadows to weapon muzzle flashes, projectiles, and explosions.

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Dynamic Muzzle Shadows
"Realistic Immersive Lore-Friendly Dynamic Shadows Extended HD"

Framerate not bad enough already? Let me fix that for ya'.
This mod takes the lights created by projectiles, muzzle flashes, and explosions and makes them cast dynamic shadows.

This was made entirely in TES5Edit/FO4Edit, so those of you with hate boners for TESVSnip/FalloutSnip can put your tinfoil hats away.

This mod will most likely impact your framerate, so prepare yourself for that.

Fantastic video by hodilton:


This mod doesn't include, but goes great with PipBoyShadows and/or Longer Distance PipBoy and Spotlights

I beg you guys, PLEASE, for the love of god, do not comment about having framerate issues with this mod.

It can, and most likely will affect your framerate in a negative way.