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  1. emieri00
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    Does this reads BSA and takes care of textures inside too?
  2. Lehcar
    • member
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    Works beautifully for Skyrim SE too, since it can recognize more of the newer DDS formats.
  3. Lukezkee
    • supporter
    • 949 posts
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    Assigning extra cores appears to lead to unhandled exception errors item:null
    Tested both .ba2 and extracted archive compression BC7>BC1/BC3
    No additional core assigned is very slow but no unhandled exception errors, thanks for your tool
    1. Sinapus
      • premium
      • 2,121 posts
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      Yeah, I got those errors too at the end. Though it looked like it compressed the files. I'll try w/o core and see what happens.
  4. ATransKitten
    • supporter
    • 30 posts
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    would this work for fallout 76.
    1. h4k5h1
      • member
      • 12 posts
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      so does it?
  5. biovespa
    • supporter
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    very must have tool .. tnx im using it a lot... it really helps
  6. Patrickq
    • member
    • 46 posts
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    Thank you so much for this! 4K, or even 2K textures that come with some cool mods are too much for my potato PC, so this tool is a lifesaver.
  7. Minimax94
    • premium
    • 79 posts
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    The multithreading is f***ed up and it takes foreveeeer but the work it does is just what everyone needs.

    Bethesda textures, even with the high resolution dlc, look so cartoonish.
    Usually I download 4K texture mods, using your tool I resize them to 1K and recompress them, and in the end the game looks amazing and I have more fps.

    Thanks Discrim. f*** off Todd :')
  8. biovespa
    • supporter
    • 400 posts
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    got to say - this tool really helps the FPS if you know what you doing

    tip - optimize only texture mods that they are "static" like ground, buildings, cars etc also try to avoid textures that have transparency
    a good optimize will keep the original quality but - will gain you at least 4 to 7 fps in places that usually hard to get solid 60 like mid town .. don't touch\optimize everything that related to NPC if its - armors , Clothes , face or body textures

    i just tried it on all luxor8071 and FlaconOil's - extracted all mods Everything from the BA2 to loose (on Mod Orginazer - helps a lot to choose safe what you want without really overwrite)

    11.35 GB original size = 47 to 53 fps at hard places to process

    now :
    8.35 GB optimized size = 58 to 61 fps (Vsyc on)

    so - Discrim -
    thank you dude :)
  9. ViralDust
    • member
    • 257 posts
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    Trying to compress some 4k BC7 textures down to something smaller, because my computer doesn't have enough VRAM and I get the black pixelation bug in-game very frequently. Tried 2k BC5 and the result is all compressed textures are pure black now. What did I do wrong?
  10. pendannadnep
    • member
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    I was having problems with this tool not doing things I wanted so investigated the source code.

    First problem is the code to check if the file is _d, _s, _n, or _g is case sensitive. Files with _D, _S, _N, or _G will work but .DDS does not. Need to make sure all your files end in .dds all in lower case. One place in the code only checks if file has _s or _S anywhere in the file name (also same problem with _n files). So something like my_super_art_d.ssd would not get backed up if the ignore _s check box was checked. I don’t know if other bad things besides not being backed up happen. Later in the code it checks for _s.dds or _S.dds which is more correct. Note to author if can’t do a case insensitive check then “_s.” and “_S.” without any dds would have less false positives.

    The second problem for what I want is this tool is only designed for compressing. The BC7 compression can give faster performance than the older methods at the cost of larger file size and likely vram memory. Even though you specify BC7 as the desired output type this tool will not convert any file of type BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, or BC5 into BC7 even though the underlying txconv code that does the real texture work has this ability.

    My ultimate tool would convert all _d files into BC7 format at the current width and height. It would convert any _s or _g files into BC7 and halve the width and height of those sizes > 1024. I am not sure what to do with _n files as I am getting conflicting info on what is best to do.

    Although I have lots of experience with C and C++, I have none with C#. I can read the code and make simple changes but have no way to compile or do more complicated things.

    Elric/Elrich also uses texconv to do the real work but I am having problems with it too.
    1. LucidAPs
      • supporter
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      I can confirm that this is true, so i have some advices for people using this tool since this is really useful and powerful and definitely recommended to use.
      - Use Archive2 to extract the textures from the ba2 files beforehand and don't use the option for the program to do it, if it tries to do the extraction along with the conversions it might hang.
      - Use this program (Bulk Rename Utility) to rename the texture extensions from .DDS to .dds with these settings (https://i.imgur.com/KYON4Zn.png).
      - Don't use the MultiThreading option, it can cause instability and the program might hang.
      - Do a manual backup of your files and don't use the option for the program to do the backup as once again it can cause instability and the program might hang.
      - Run the process with the option to ignore _n _s _g maps with these compression options (BC1 - BC7) for just the diffuse textures then run the process again this time ignoring diffuse maps and only processing _n _s _g maps with these options (BC7 - BC7).
    2. Minimax94
      • premium
      • 79 posts
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      @LucidAPs u saved my life
    3. Discrim
      • member
      • 25 posts
      • 12 kudos
      Case sensitivity is fixed.
      Force compression option is added for compressing specifically to given format.
      Multithreading was safe all this time, but it wasn't displaying log entries until the very end, so I fixed that too.
      Backup is programmed to archive files with high compression settings, so it might take some time if you are working with a lot of files.
    4. pendannadnep
      • member
      • 171 posts
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    5. wisetime
      • member
      • 22 posts
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      i have had no hangs, i find the program works ok if you have the right setup in ur os, and im on a phenom x4.with 8gb, obviously a minimum rig.
      generally when the program works, it is un-responsive during processing, it may not be hanging, just hogging the cpu, hence, this may be why, it looks like its hanging, when you use, mulicore and other cpu intensive, options. if you think its hanging, use alt-ctl-del to get to the performance monitor, from there you can look at the disk usage to see if its working.
      my advice, if you dont see a obvious crash upon running the app, then, be patient. even if you just spent ages trying to get the app to load.