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Adds the Flamer Pistol from Fallout:Tactics.

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This mod adds the Flamer Pistol from Fallout Tactics. The pistol has four mod slots and 11 different modifications. It has leveled list integration, and spawns on Brotherhood Scribes, Gunners, and Raiders. Textures are based off the ingame Flamer. Starts to spawn at level 10.


It can be bought from the Brotherhood or at Commonwealth Weaponry in Diamond City. 



hould Be compatible with everything, uses the WeaponLLInject.pex script for LL integration, so it may ask to override this file if it is used by another mod. Allow it to override, as it is the same file used by other mods.

Known Issues or Bugs

Third Person Power Armor Animations are broken, firing causes mesh distortion.Third Person Firing Animations are also unsatisfactory, the Fuel canister bounces.


0.5.0: Initial Release
0.5.1: Fixes Initial Release
0.5.2: Increased the weapon's weight to 5.1, fixed the nozzle modifications, and updated modification descriptions.
0.5.3: Added a Loading Screen with included lore.


Created by: Me 
Leveled List Injection by: a_blind_man
Inspired by the Fallout:NV mod: Classic Flamer Pistol by DaiShi 
Thanks to: MikeMoore for the Tutorials