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All settlement workshop lights tweaked to have a larger radius with a much softer falloff, making lights look more realistic.

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  • All workshop lights have been tweaked, all have had their radius increased and falloff made significantly softer.
  • Some lights have had their color changed slightly to better fit with their corresponding lamp prop.
  • The construction light and turret spotlight have a significant radius increase. Turrets have a stronger light with very far reach, but a smaller cone compared to the construction lights. They now have proper lens-flare.
  • Optional version: Construction lights and spotlight turrets now cast shadows.

Made with FO4EDIT.
I can also highly recommend using the Darker Nights mod along with this.

Compatibility: This only changes existing values, so should be compatible with anything. (Worst case it might be a soft-conflict where one mod overrides the values of the other, depending on load order)

v 1.3: Added lense-flares to the construction light and turret spotlight
v 1.2: Further tweaks:
  • Hightech lights now have a larger radius while still having a softer light. They should be more useful for lighting up rooms, while still keeping the hanging lightbulb the stronger version.
  • Further softened light falloff for all lamps.
  • Generators now have a smaller and weaker light.
  • Construction lights now have a slightly increased intensity. Turrets slightly decreased compared to version 1.0
v 1.1: Split into two downloads. One for no shadowcasters and one with shadows. They are standalone, so only use one of them.