Fallout 4

About this mod

Added bounty hunter faction that tracks crime and gets sent out to attack you. Mini DLC sized mod with Unique gear, voice acting and bounty missions with unique enemies.

Permissions and credits
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It adds a unique faction called "bounty hunters" to the world. You can find them randomly in a few places like towns and Drumlin Diner. Once you find "The Gardener" over at the Diner and talk to him "crime tracking" will begin. If you do too many crimes or stuff that pisses off the other factions a bounty may be called on you. A team will be dispatched to either kill you or knock you out and steal some caps. The hunter classes are all designed to take on the player in some unique way with their own weaknesses. Once you get knocked out the named veteran will attempt to steal 10% of your caps from you. Any bounty hunter that steals anything from you will be marked "protected" so that only you can find them again and get your stuff back if you so chose.

But that's not all! You can't have a bounty mod without bounties! If you manage to get the gardeners respect he will open up access to bounties. The bounties come in tiers. The higher the tiers the greater the risk and rewards. All bounties are repeatable with new targets and locations described. Higher tiers require trust and availability through time. Trust is gained by doing bounties and is lost by failing bounties or murdering leaders that have ambushed you in the past.

But that's not all! If you show that you're a competent man hunter the Gardener will allow access to his epic mods and skills Inventory. Epic mods that can only be made by using his parts, some skill in the area and a tini tiny bit of CompressedTungstroniumThatCanOnlyBeObtaindeByDoingBounties. With those few easy to get components, you can make mods like a *double barrel shotgun Stagger receiver that will push back enemies if close enough and may knock them down if really close. Amazing, almost like a real shotgun!

Also some new unique faction armor, weapons, unique enemies with unique weapons and AI and a touch of voice acting. This mod requires no DLC but can use them if you have them and makes little to no edits making it compatible with most other mods.It even comes with a holotape for options and uninstallation. But whatever.

Crime tracking will not start until you meet the gardener at Drumlin Diner.

murder (killing nonhostile's )
Stealing (taking whats not yours)
pickpocket (taking whats not your with style)
killing a lot of "bad guys" (they have feelings too)
holding up people (holding your gun up to people and tell them to freeze)
trespassing (being in other people houses when you're not supposed to)
assaults (hurting someone then putting your weapon away like nothing ever happened)
expansion/Building settlements (what? you don't think gunners and raiders don't see you building that war machine economy? )

They will not show up immediately. It will take about one day in the game (8- 20 mins REAL TIME) to set up hunters and make a bounty before they deploy at you (so that you forget that you just fucked up). They will also not deploy until you are out of a town or settlement. They will, however, follow you anywhere. The Leader carries a note with your crime on it.

bounty hunters can stun you at low health and steal your caps. some hunters can steal your weapon out of your hands and use it on you. Any one that takes stuff is now marked as protected so only you can finish them off and get your shit back. if they knocked you out and bailed, they can be found again. Drumlin Diner is the hub. Or they can be found shopping at Bunker hill, Goodneighbor, and Diamond city or on the road back to Drumlin Diner.

Mod Future:
 I need a break. I started this mod in January. I 
Got some real life stuff to take care of but I will be continually working on this mod and my other more smarter companions mod. There is a lot I want to tweak and the tiers 3's are not in the game because they are going to be world spaces (Large). I want to add more guns and assets to this but I need permission first. Got my eye on a .45 auto pistol but I haven't heard back. if you don't want me to add stuff to the mod and would like to keep it separate then, by all means, make a patch with a leveled list script. I plan on making bounty quest templates so that others can add bounty packs easily to my mod as patches. 

Tier 3 bounties do not exist yet (see mod future).
I want to improve some of the AI in those weird situations like water.
This may go to Xbox if possible. I tried my best to make it compatible and small. We will see how well it does here.
The game may crash if on the train ride to Nuka world and hunters get deployed.(could be fixed?)
The swamp sniper Bounty is a bit wonky and may not work. I thought about removing it but when it works, its fun.
If any bounty fails to start for some unknown reason then talk to the Gardener again and he will give your money back.
This mod did have an Alpha phase to work out kinks but some of the mod was not available to them.
The bumper sword has strength requirements. that's why it's hard to use pleb. you should see messages on the top left on equipping it.  
If you think killing the hunters is too hard then you should read the letters in their inventories to find weaknesses.
If you're a mod author and think I can do something better then please tell me. I can swallow my pride.
The music is a work in progress. the Drums hang around a little too long and the guitar sometimes will not start (stuck with basic combat music).
The bounty epic mods are meant to balance the game by making old stuff relevant again. it also is meant to make things more realistic like fire weapons doing fire damage, not energy damage. And the unique Legendary's fun to use. If you have a suggestion then post it.

the holotype comes with a "stop mod function". if I make changes to the mods scripts, quests, and some other stuff you will need to run the stopper
function, save, then update before running the restart
function. your items, and standing with the bounty hunters will be the same but during that time nothing will happen until you run the restart function. this will allow me to edit things that are normally stored in your save files like running
scripts and quest status.

If you do not run the stop function and update, Jimmy. the information stored in your save may not work with the updated new information which can cause the mod to fail in a lot of areas. If this happens you will have to uninstall the mod and make a save after. then reinstall the mod but all the work you have done (and mod assets) will be lost. forever. I guess until you earn them back.

Use the uninstall function on the holotape. You get one for talking to the gardener and can make one at a chem station if you want. after you click on uninstall, wait a few seconds then save your game. then you can remove it files any way you see fit. its worth noting that it may be a good idea to remove any of my weapon mods attached to any of your guns before uninstalling. 


-Haunting Guitarist - Stefan Netsman (ES) (Bounty Missions)
-War Drums - Andreas Ericson (ES) (Hunter music)
-several weapons made by Mike Moore and armors by L0rd 0f War and his crew (with permission) I've added my own twists for balancing and fixes and added Some new textures and some cool stuff of my own. also, kingtobbe helped me a lot and even donated a few sweet under armors. all mod assets are stand alone and do not require anything other than the base game. Nothing vanilla has been modified (with great pains) so should be compatible with everything. Fingers crossed.
-Blacksage and others on the Bethesda mods discord

i give my permission for this mod to be edited and re-uploaded by anyone as long as they follow the following conditions:

-add the credits that I have posted. the music is covered under creative commons and requires credits. don't forget about me too.
-do not add this to any console system unless you are positive that this mod will not irreversibly mess up there saves without the use of console commands.

i not sure when I can keep working on this so i don't think it would be fair for me to hold on to this if there are others out there that can improve/fix issues.