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An immersive, lore-friendly overhaul to Fallon's Basement. Now it looks like an actual clothing store!

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This mod is an immersive, lore-friendly overhaul of Fallon's Basement in Diamond City. The idea was to take Becky's shop and turn it into more of a "Wasteland Outfitters" type of store, rather than a decrepit cellar decorated with suitcases and falling mannequins. Fallon's has been rebuilt from the ground up and transformed into an actual clothing store, while still maintaining the vibe of the original version. The outside of Fallon's Basement has also been given a minor facelift, without altering too much of the surrounding market area.

- A new foundation to walk on. No more chunks of concrete to trip over! 
- New shelves, racks, counters, and displays. Things most clothing stores would have!
- Revamped living area for Becky. Now she doesn't have to sleep on the ground!
- A dressing room for customers to try on new clothes and totally not steal them! 
- Redone lighting and wall decorations. Now it looks slightly less like a Hollister inside!
- A fun little easter egg on display that's probably really obvious. What a lovely day!


Most of the items in the store are static, meaning you won't be able to pick them up or interact with them in any way. This is normal! They're meant for decorative purposes only. 

The navmesh for Fallon's has been rebuilt from scratch, so Becky may have some minor issues moving around her newly-renovated store. She should be fine, but if there's any issues let me know in the comments, and I'll do what I can to resolve them.

I'm still pretty new to the Creation Kit (after all, this is my first mod) so like I said before, if anyone has any issues, let me know in the comments. I'll be testing this mod on my own Xbox One to see if anything needs to be fixed. 


- Mods that add to or change Becky's shop inventory.
- Mods that alter the effects or properties of interior lighting.
- Mods that alter or change Becky in any way.
- Just about everything else! 

Likely NOT Compatible:

- Mods that drastically alter the Fallon's Basement interior.
- Mods that drastically alter the Fallon's Basement exterior or Diamond City's marketplace.

Load Order:

I'd suggest putting this mod towards the bottom of your load order. If it's higher up, some of the changes to the store may not take effect, and you may experience overlapping objects and flickering textures. 

Thanks a bunch, and...

Welcome to Fallon's!