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expands the variety of dogs you can obtain in the workshop and from various vendors

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This mod expands the variety of dogs you can obtain in the workshop using textures and models created by users here on the nexus. Dogmeat is untouched, so whatever custom texture or model you're using will remain unaffected. Requires Wasteland Workshop.

It's basically Diverse Cats for dogs. If you want to use both but are at/near the plugin limit, I've made a combine file which only uses one esp. Just overwrite Diverse Cats if you're using it already. The combined version is the main file and requires both Nuka World and Far Harbor. If you don't want Diverse Cats, use the optional version instead.

As of right now, this conflicts with Beast Master, but I plan on making a compatible version once I get permission. If Beast Master is lower in the load order, the 'raider dog' based dogs will only appear in their two original skins but work as intended with Beast Master. If this mod is lower, the 'raider dogs' will not have Beast Master functionality. The Dogmeat based dogs currently do not work with Beastmaster regardless of load order.


This mod would not be possible without the work of the following authors. If you use/like this mod, you should really give their mods some love as well!

smorris2012 Alternate Dogmeat Labrador Dogmeat
dracofish Sable Dogmeat
wrig675 Bellyache's Dogmeat Mutts
dpillari More Natural Dogmeat Eyes
akalor Dogmeat Simple Recolor
7iger Classic Dogmeat Aurburn Husky Shadow the Dark Husky Siberian Husky Red Cattle Dog Dogmeat 
Original Boss Shadow (Dogmeat texture mod)
MissMorose Floppy Eared Dogmeat

Diverse Cats Stuff:

Wolflady500  Cat_kitty recolor_retextures
mm137 Craftable Cats
neeher Tuxedo Cat Retexture
Xazomn Crows and Creatures
BerndR Mountain Lion Texture for Cats