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It's back.It's bigger,harder,better.

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  IMPORTANT:This mod was created using my old VTO mod as a base.
Because of  this,removing all the files from the old mod from your game is necessary for all the new features to work.
VTO-Vertical Takeoff Outpost
This mod offers the player a new alternative way to move across the Commonwealth (and to lug all that junk you like picking up from all kinds of filthy places). It does so by providing you an hybrid between a fast travel and a player home/settlement mod.This hybrid takes the form of the VTO (Vertical Takeoff Outpost),a buildable Vertibird wannabe.The VTO allows the player to have a small interior settlement (like Home Plate) that can be moved to player designed destinations.The player can also acquire means to operate the VTO remotely, and to have it travel to the player himself if needed.It's not all fun and games however. The VTO is coolant-hungry and requires maintenance when something goes wrong.Having a handy mobile outpost outfitted with all your favorite comforts will always make you feel at home away from home.



Learn-You can find some Vertibird Technical Documents in the Boston Airport Control Tower.

Build-The VTO can be built in workshop mode at a settlement after placing a landing pad and having unlocked the recipes. New buildable objects will appear under the special category of the menu.After building a scaffolding on a landing pad,you can start placing all the necessary bits.You can complete the construction by installing the VTO console.(You  may need to exit and re-enter the workshop menu after placing the VTO scaffolding to make the other objects appear in the list).

Destinations- You can build landing pads or beacons at settlements (workshop mode).
You can  craft landing Z kits (Chem station) and place them anywhere in the Commonwealth/Nuka World/Far Harbor main worldspaces.(NOTE:The side of the beacons with two green lights is the side the VTO doors will be when landed on top of them)
You can use the remote control holotape to look for a dynamic landing spot where you are standing (If possible).
Landing beacons and pads can be built even before finding the technical documents and having built the VTO

Travelling-You can load coolant (Homemade Coolant-Vanilla Coolant-Class A Coolant-Water) in the coolant receptacle and then hit the small red button to fuel the VTO. After that, provided you created some destinations you can use the Settlement Destination Console or the Navigation Terminal to select a destination. Hitting the large red button after this will take you to the destination you selected, consume coolant and pass a bit of time (all proportional to the distance traveled)
You can access all of these functions remotely using the relative holotape.

Inventory and workshop-The interior cell of the VTO contains a workshop that allows you to place stuff around and all that jazz. You can use the small doors in the cabin to access the inventory of the workshop the VTO landed at (If possible). I also added a multi-purpose crafting station to the VTO workshop menu that comprehends all vanilla stations except for the power armor station (I added a separate station for that). 

Other Features-There is a lever on the inside that allows you to change the exterior appearance by retracting/extending the rotors (The rotors are folded by default to avoid excessive clipping due to a large footprint.On the roof of the VTO there are two turrets.They shoot baddies. You can use intercoms on the inside and outside of the VTO to summon your current followers in case they are late/missing/waiting.

WHAT THIS MOD IS NOT-This Mod does not add constructible objects to any settlement other than the VTO related items. -The VTO is not a settlement, you cannot attract settlers, send supply lines or companions there. The building restrictions are the same of home plate (this can be subject to change if requested).-The VTO has no flying controls or animations, it just fades the game to black and play sounds FX when operated.

-download with manager or extract the contents of the archive and place esp, meshes folder and scripts folder in your data folder.If you enjoy the mod please endorse,consider uploading images or videos too.

-Casputin,for allowing me to use meshes from his Create a Crate mod for the new VTO interior.
-Ethreon for conjuring the mesh for the rotor blades.