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Added: 17/07/2017 - 09:58AM
Updated: 19/07/2017 - 06:57AM

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Ever wanted to play as a pacifist? Maybe have others do your dirty work for you?
Do you think the Intimidation perk is a complete joke of a perk considering it is the top charisma perk?

Well this is the mod for you!

With this mod you can make a pacifist that maximize the chance to pacify, or even a gunslinger that use intimidation to thin the heard before jumping in. There is nothing stopping you from using it in combat either!
You can even improve on the effect as you improve by adding critical success and xp when you succeed.

This mod reworks the "Pacify" effect gained from the 3 Charisma perks, Animal Friend, Wasteland Whisperer and Intimidation.

There are 2 files.
The first file is the immersive one that hides your roll and your chance to succeed.
The second one shows what you rolled and what chance you had to succeed.

You can now pacify enemies higher level than you.
You gain xp when you successfully pacify your target (5+enemy level).
If you do a critical success (roll 20% better than required) your enemy will not alert friends when you pacify out of fear for his/her life.
If you do a critical success you now gain bonus xp (15+enemy level).

40% base chance, that has not changed
75% base maximum chance, that has not changed, although this was a pointless stat prior to this mod.
10% minimum chance, this will be relevant if you try and pacify targets much higher level than you.

It fixes the "holdupeffect" script so that "Black Widow"/"Lady Killer" actually works as advertised. 5% if you have rank 2 and +10% if you have rank 3.

Higher Charisma will help your chances to pacify. Each Charisma point over the required charisma to use the perk will add 1% to the chance and 1% to the maximum chance to pacify. (11 Charisma will give you a +6% bonus to pacify animal, but only 1% bonus to pacify NPC)
The distance to your enemy will impact your chance to pacify. -10% at max pacify range, +20% at melee range.
Each level you are higher than your target adds 1% chance to pacify, maximum +15% bonus.
Each level your target is higher than you subtracts 2% chance to pacify, no maximum. 
If you are sneaking you add +5% chance to pacify.


v 1.2
Fixed higher level enemies couldn't be pacified as advertised.
Higher chance to pacify at closer range. This is meant to be an important factor (From +10% to +20% at melee range)
Added so that your charisma over requirement on perks gives proper charisma bonus to succeed.

v 1.1
Removed negative effect of low Charisma