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Craftable Nuka World Outfits

What is it?

Craftable Nuka World Outfits is a mod similar to my "Craftable Faction Outfits" mod, adding nearly every piece of armor and clothing from Nuka World to the chem bench (currently no AWKCR support, wont be unless someone makes a patch). The armor pieces/outfits come with different requirements based on their level of protection, and other factors. Requirements are based around quest completion, perks, and availability of certain supplies.

Note that this mod does NOT edit the armors themselves in any way, only makes them craftable.

What does it include?

CNWO Adds 4 different recipe sections to the regular chem bench, each with their own relevant list of items (Uniques are not included).

The Disciples - All underarmor, all strapped armor, all wrapped armor, all spiked armor, all metal armor. It also includes three helmets/masks (head Covering, hood, cowl) and the armored Skirt.

The Operators - All underarmor, Operator armor light set, Operator armor heavy set. Additionally, I've added the armored skirt, and the armored dress.

The Pack - All underarmor, Pack heavy armor set, Pack light armor set. For accessories, I've added every mask and necklace.  I've additionally added the shock collar and tattered rags, in case your Pack raiders want slaves at their station outposts, too.

Nuka World Outfits - The Nuka World Outfit collection includes all of the Nuka World merchandise you can find on any of the mannequins throughout that park, including all of the western themed items, and the Spacesuit/Spacesuit helmet.

The requirements for this mod are fairly simple, and differ depending on the type of clothing/armor you're trying to craft.

Nuka World Outfits - The only requirements to craft the Nuka World Outfits are completing the quest "Taken for a Ride" (Kill Colter) - An exception to this is the Spacesuit and Spacesuit Helmet, they require completing "Trip to the Stars", meaning you cannot just craft the spacesuits at the chem bench to complete the quest. 

Gang Underarmor - To create the gang underarmor, you need to complete the quest "An Ambitious Plan" (Meet the gangs).

Gang Armor Pieces - To create the different gang armor pieces, you must complete "An Ambitious Plan" (Meet the gangs) and have the Armorer 3 perk. This may seem high, but Nuka World is a level 30 recommended area, so it fits the scaling well.
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