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OCD alarm in my brain!

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Vanilla is not enough for you? Want to spice up the taste?

First of all thanks to the great mod DEF_UI by Neanka, Valdacil, Old Nick, ParasiteX and sekoms with their amazing work and easy to do tools provided. All the credits go to them. The tool from DEF_UI its clear and easy to use and there's usefull guides in their mod page for everyone interested in the project. Here's a link to that. Check also their sticky posts for diverse and importante information.

I like vanilla hud. I mean, it doesn't have the best interface ever but it can work pretty well. I could live with it until it anoyed me! And it was always the little things, the unecessary distractions, the fact that if i move something two inches i can still see but it doesn't bother me anymore. So that's what i intended to do. Keep a vanilla taste but get rid of the anoying OCD alarm in my brain!
Overhaul i try to make the hud work together in normal vision in or out of dialogue, Power Armor, VATS and with Awareness Perk blending it in ways that no information gets lost or wierd to look in the diferent visions. I didn't want to hide anything expecially because of first time players apart from nonsense background shadows, obvious useless information and brackets. That was really something i wanted to get rid off. I want the information to pop up, messages to be seen but not being too invasive so yeah i think its better just try if you curious about.

My file its just one idea of a vast list of other presets and you may find in them a better alternative for what you want. However you can use this preset as a base of your own or with your mod manager just change from the various presets available on nexus everytime you feel like.

HUD Framework - Main file and DEF_UI Compatibility Patch.

This last mod is not exacly required but necessary if you intend to use mods that add HUD elements. Available in there is also a Auto-Patcher that permit proper compatibility between DEF_UI and HUDFramework in Screen Ratios that are not 16:9. Just apply the process mentioned in the mod’s page description.

-Use your mod manager of choice (Recommended)
-Manual installation:
1. Download a preset file
2. Go to your Fallout 4\Data\Interface\DEF_CONF
3. Its recommend to make a backup from DEF_HUD.xml in case you want a easy way back
4. Extract and overwrite it with my or other DEF_HUD.xml you download

Remember that its safe to modify or install diferent DEF_UI Hud presets any time of your playthrough.

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool - Must have tool not only for custom hud configuration.
BethINI - For a easy and proper configuration of your ini files to improve your game in many ways.
Mod Configuration Menu - The future (is now) of mod configuration its here.
Hotkeys - Hotkeys hotkeys HOTKEYS!
Scrapper Highlights Only When Weapon is Drawn
Valdacil's Item Sorting 
Immersive HUD iHUD - The reason why i don't hide elements in my preset since this mod provide custom choices.
PowerArmor HUD Enhanced 
Power Armor HUD or Power Armor HUD no Transparency - If you want a hidden like PA or a more claustrophobic feeling for it.
Extended Dialogue Interface
Crafting Highlight Fix - No more "shaders" in your crafting
No Blur while Crafting 
Vertibird Jump - Just jump!!
Quick Trade 
Settlement Menu Manager
Companion Command and Tactics
Companion Status HUD
Clock Widget - Show Real Time While Loading
HUD Plus Plus - Very customizable detailed info for your loot

On my files i try to blend with the default position of elements that some of this mods have. I don't use all so tell me if something doesn't feel right. If you know of any other interesting interface mod that i could cover please feel free to tell me and i will look into it.

Never enough to thank DEF_UI creators and supporters and all the suggested mods authors that totalize our custom vision of the hud.
I would like also to thank Nexus staff and all the Fallout community for the mods, goodies and fun that have been providing us all for years!

Hope you found what you looking for and enjoy your custom Hud preset and feel free to share ingame pictures! I will be glad if you can share your own creations.

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