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A few minor edits to the cosmetics of the plasma rifles.

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I was looking for retextures for the Plasma rifles, and aside from changing the color of the plasma itself or making it glow, there weren't many options. So I took it upon myself. I wanted to more or less maintain the vanilla look while also taking it back to it's appearance in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These aren't Mega Super HD HiRes Ultra 4k textures, sorry, just simple edits of the vanilla textures and materials to make the weapon darker and less shiny.

In addition, I edited the mesh of the base receiver so the front sight is a little narrower and has a bit of a point to it, to assist with aiming because the original sights were pretty hard to use. They still don't rival a reflex sight or a scope, but at least now you don't NEED one to use plasmas. Also included are optional textures that should work with the Better Plasma Barrels mod by Predence and ModdedMeghan, though I did not edit the materials because I was lazy, so they'll still be a bit shiny and won't look quite the same.

There really shouldn't be any issues, its all pretty straight forward and shouldn't alter the engine, scripts, or world space in any way, but who knows, maybe my crappy mesh edit will kill your game. Please let me know if there are any issue.