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no, not from the adams family ya dingus.

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Here's a preset of my female sole survivor, Wednesday.
A little too nice-looking for the wasteland, but fresh out of the vault, right?

There's a readme in the .zip with instructions if you dont know how to install it.
If theres enough requests, I'll try making a version that doesn't require any other mods except Looksmenu.
Also! I'm using this ENB (without the DOF & SSAO though, my PC is the metal equivalent of a potato), so it might look a little different for you.
Will not be porting over to console. I dont even know if you can?

Required mods:
Looksmenu (duh?)
MiscHairstyle (while needed to look like the screenshots, you can also just change the hairstyle to another one you have installed)
Looksmenu Customization Compendium -or- TH Brows (same as above, except with, y'know, eyebrows)

Not required, but highly recommended:
Valkyr Female Face & Body Textures
The Eyes Of Beauty (far better eye textures)
Eye Normal Map Fix
deLuxe Makeup

Recommended, not needed:
1950's Feminine Outfits (used in the screenshot, tan suit)
Chalk Outline Cine ENB