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This mod brings a functional new settlement to Fallout 4. Compatible with Sim Settlements and Nuka World (raiders jobs).

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- The support for this mod has been stopped. If the mod does not work as required, just uninstall or try a clean new game. Thank you for your patience.


- Go to the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup southwest of the Abernathy-Farm. From there you go south down to the road and follow this to the west. After a while the road ends and you have found the new settlement.


- A simple, functional settlement.
- Three unique NPC's.
- A legendary weapon.
- Beautiful view over a lake.
- It works for all DLC's, also Raiders jobs possible (Nuka World).
- Sim Settlements compatible.


- To get the legendary weapon, you can either kill the corresponding NPC or simply swap the inventory.
- You can attract new settlers with a Recruitment Radio Beacon.
- You can assign supply lines to the settlement.
- All objects in the settlement are scrappable to make the settlement according to your own wishes.
- The settlement is randomly attacked, as any other settlement in the Commonwealth.
- A little further to the west there is a spawn point, where spawn Ghouls, wild dogs, Rust Devils, etc. Also the BoS shown up from time to time.
- Watch out for ghouls on the road.

Patchnotes (Version 1.1.4):

- A locationedge marker has been added so Raiders jobs (Nuka World) working now.

Patchnotes (Version 1.1.3):

- The workbench has been new placed.
- Restructuring of the settlement objects.
- The female settlers has been equipped with more realistic clothing.
- The NPC Samuel is working now for food.
- Adding a Brahmin.
- Adding several new objects, buildings and flora.
- Defense reduced from 40 to 32.
- The ghouls on the road are downgraded.
- Serveral small fixes.

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