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Rebalances the power armor frame so it is more realistic and useful.

Permissions and credits
Warning: Installing this while inside power armor can cause some unwanted attribute changes. if you expeience this the surest way to fix it is to deactivate the mod, revert to a save that has the unmodified stats and exit the power armor. then reactivate the mod.

To be safe, before installing this mod you should exit any power armor and make sure you have your base strength stat with no modifiers when entering power armor with this mod for the first time.

What IS This

In the base game power armor frames set your strength to 11 regardless of your characters base strength. In my opinion this is very obviously unbalance, a strength 1 character can jump into power armor and get a huge bonus while an 11 strength character gets absolutely no strength bonus.

The aim of this mod is to balance the frame so it doesn't provide any overpowered bonuses and is still useful to users of all strengths.

Stat changes and explanation

Strength: I've decided to base the stat bonus on a sort of curve with diminishing returns at super high strength.

| 1  | 2  | 3  | 4  | 5   | 6   | 7   | 8   | 9   | 10 | 11 |  Base 
| 2  | 3  | 4  | 5  | 5   | 5   | 5   | 5   | 4   | 4   | 3   |  Bonus
| 3  | 5  | 7  | 9  | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 13 | 14 | 14 |  End

Carry weight
: Power armor frames should give a flat 50 bonus carry weight, this is to offset the fact that you are able to get up to 50 from deep pocket armor mods. It also lets specialize your power armor more without having to mod it to get more strength and carry capacity if you have high strength.

Charisma: The Frame now gives a +1 charisma bonus. The way i see it, if a hat can give you a charisma bonus then why shouldn't a suit of power armor. Obviously you can get a bonus to charisma from paint jobs but i feel like just being inside the suit should help you command a little more respect. 

AP regen: Again i think this is just something the suit should have had from the beginning, whether its helping you sprint more or recover after using vats. (with the test i did i went from 0 to full in ~18 sec to ~10)

Old Versions

All the old versions still work and are stable, if you would rather use those then go ahead.


Place the desired .esp in Fallout4\DataMake sure you have bEnableFileSelection=1 under [Launcher] in C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini

Then either add [name of plugin].esp to C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt

OR use the super secret mod menu in the launcher, just off the right eye (his right) down and to the left.

Known Issues

Ripping the minigun off the vertibird during the quest "When Freedom Calls" requires 8 strength, in some cases the power armor doesn't provide enough strength. Best solution is to deactivate the mod then rip the minigun off before reactivating. You can also use the console to adjust your strength with " player.modav strength X " (X being the desired amount) followed by " player.modav strength -X " after taking the mnigun.

Strength going down - Sometimes modifiers to strength can be flipped (+1 arm becomes -1), this should be fixed by removing the piece of clothing and putting it back on.

Strength set to 11 permanently - I think this is a problem where the original modifiers of the suit are over lapping with the new ones (i don't know why). In this case i recommend that you deactivate the mod and revert to a save before the stats were changed and exiting the power armor before reactivating. You can also use " player.modav strength x " (x = amount added or subtracted).