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Built using only Vanilla+DLC items. From my Onyx Nightshade's Settlements Savegame I uploaded to the Nexus, here is the Transfer Settlements blueprint for my Sanctuary build.

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From my Onyx Nightshade's Settlements savegame I uploaded to the Nexus, here is the Transfer Settlements blueprint for my Sanctuary build.

Built using only Vanilla+DLC items.

Note: I'd advise scrapping everything that is scrappable in the settlement WITHOUT using mods that you can scrap everything (I typically build around what's already there that isn't scrappable in the standard game).

This blueprint uses slot #1 in Transfer Settlements.

Update: July 15, 2017. I've added an alternative 'Lite' version of this blueprint to the files section. The original has 4778 items and the 'Lite' version has 4395 items. I removed a lot of gas street lamps, potted plants, most of the cages, and a bunch of strings of lights. I get no lag anywhere in this settlement now (other's mileage may vary depending on computer specs). The 'Lite' version uses slot #50 in Transfer Settlements.

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Onyx Nightshade's Settlements Savegame.



You awake from cryo-sleep. It seems like just minutes have passed since you rushed out of your house and into this Vault. You recall your spouse being shot, your baby taken, and nuclear bombs falling.

You finally make it outside of the Vault and you see what's left of your neighborhood.

You have the opportunity to rebuild. 

The past of 200 years ago is like yesterday to you, and still fresh in your mind.
Do you slap together some shacks? Do you start to rebuild everything as it was? 
Do you build to survive, using all of the knowledge of your generation?

I built my settlements like military installations. Concrete everywhere. Good defenses. Lots of food, water and shelter - like I felt my character might do in their situation.


If you like my work, please endorse. It's nice to have some encouragement after spending hundreds of hours building settlements, and then even more time making blueprints :)


February 16, 2018

Sanctuary v1.30: 

Made some cosmetic changes to several areas again, but also added raider items such as the still, Pick-Me-Up stations and at least one of all the raider shops.

December 2, 2017

Sanctuary v1.20: 

Made some cosmetic changes to several areas, including adding wood floors to the player home and workshop house, added glass to all the windows, fixed a stairwell that annoyed me from the beginning, and added a roof to the top floor shop area. Also added roll-up doors to the robot workshop and power armor garage for more realistic passage of robots and power armor that are much larger than a human. Furnished the workshop house.

Credit to Prince Haten for discovering and pointing out I was missing a large power pylon near the big animal cages. Thanks!


August 13, 2017

Sanctuary v1.10:

Kind of a hybrid between my original build and my 'Lite' build, but definitely not a light build. I eliminated a lot of potted plants and lights. Overall performance in this settlement is better even with more items than my original build. Fixed a couple of the concrete supports (no longer sitting on the roofs of houses and actually reach the ground). Speaking of supports - I fixed up a couple that looked like they might fold in a strong breeze. Did some touch up work to the market place floors and lighting. Tweaked the front of the house with the workshop. Tore down the elevator building as it serves no purpose and doesn't really fit this settlement. Moved the trade caravan post and cooking station  to the empty foundation left behind and decorated a bit to make it look more like a caravan rest stop. Added a ton of missing railings. I had always intended to turn the PC's original house in Sanctuary into part of this build. Finally did it. Original PC's house is now a new player home. It's also conveniently attached to the power armor garage. Now encased in concrete and sporting a brand new metal roof, your character should find it a comfortable and dry place when you have downtime after wandering the Commonwealth.


Original Release

Sanctuary v1.00:


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