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An epic, lore-friendly, highly immersive, & heavily modded Red Rocket Build. Features a functional car wash, secondary garage

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Atom Cats' New Digs
Red Rocket

What's up, jive turkey! You ever wonder what the Red Rocket up by Sanctuary might look like if Zeke's crew took a fancy to it? Ever wonder what it might look like if Red Rocket Co. had invested a bit more into that particular station? Wonder no more. This build has it all!

  • An huge secondary garage to fix up your pre-war ride or your smokin' hot Power Armor
  • A fully loaded bar above the main garage so the Atom Cats can cut loose
  • The wasteland's only fully operational car wash, so you can keep your hot rods squeaky clean
  • A junkyard with its own campfire for those slammin' poetry nights when the weather's just right
  • One in-house barber to keep your 'do's lookin' sharp
  • Four retro-fitted trailers to keep your Cats' heads dry when they lay down for the night
  • A bunch of old wrecks that do double-duty as 'bedrooms' as well as walls to keep out the riff-raff
  • A perimeter fence and some damn fine elevated turrets to keep 'em ne'er-do-wells out
  • A couple of bathrooms, because for some reason Red Rocket's never bothered building a place to drain your fluids

Installation Instructions:

DO NOT SKIP THIS PART!Because this build is so extensive, there was A LOT of scrapping that went on. Over 300-some trees, tires, junk, and other stuff was removed from the vanilla Red Rocket. I've included a special script file that you MUST RUN PRIOR TO IMPORTING the blueprint. This is a separate download, so do not miss it! It will disable most of these objects. When you run the script, you may get a few syntax errors, but that's alright. See below for what to do...

Extracting the Files:
  • NMM Install Instructions: Download with manager and install.
  • Manual Install Instructions: Download and unzip to ..\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\<slot number>\..
  • IMPORTANT! Place the DonaldStrong_RedRocket.txt file in your ..\Fallout 4\ root directory! 

Running the batch script & importing the blueprint:

  1. Load your game or start a fresh character. Make your way to Red Rocket.
  2. Remove ALL objects you may have placed down at Red Rocket prior to downloading this blueprint. Ideally, the import will work best on a character that has never built there at all. If you've placed a lot of things, you can use the "Nuke" option on import.
  3. Open up the console (~) and enter the following command: bat DonaldStrong_RedRocket
  4. This should scrap a lot of objects and junk that conflict with the placement of objects in this build 
  5. If some errors occur, it likely means that there's a wrench or some other item that you can run around and collect off the floor before you begin the import.
  6. Open up your PipBoy and begin the import. Wait patiently. If you have difficult with the import, try changing your TS settings to a more stable preset (less effects).
  7. REMEMBER to save, then fast travel away and back a couple of times so that the import can properly integrate with the game (i.e. pay attention to the prompts from Transfer Settlements).
  8. Return to Red Rocket. You'll need to reset (select and then cancel) 4 wall-pass-though conduits (described below) - two on either side of the car wash, and one near each door of the large garage. See the end of the video above for more exact instructions.


  • One current known issue is that once an import is complete, power may not be transmitting properly throughout the settlement. This is likely due to an issue with the Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits mod (or incompatibility with Transfer Settlements). To fix this, find these conduits select them (both sides) in the settlement builder, and then cancel the placement. This should reset them. The first of these conduits is on either side of the wall of the car-wash, near the Fusion Generator (to get to the interior ones, you'll need to disable clipping in the console or select one of the garage doors, walk through it, and cancel your selection)...
  • It's possible that the import will launch a couple vanilla trucks around the area, in which case you may need to re-place them manually after the import. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Please don't reiterate these in the comments thread unless you're asking something new.

Q: The mod list for this settlement is huge, can you make it smaller?

If you want a more minimal version of this with far less required mods, get the UNDECORATED version (see below)! There are a lot of mods because this wasn't originally built with the intent of becoming a blueprint. 

Q: Can you make this a standalone mod?

I have no plans to make this a standalone mod, sorry. 

Q: I don't already have Snap 'n Build and it's not available anymore!

The blueprint CAN be imported without that mod if you don't already have it. Here's what will be missing:
  • There are some floors and foundations that you will need to fill in (floor of the car wash, the second story bar, and possibly the big garage).
  • The car wash will be missing some greenhouse irrigation pipes and water FX, which you might be able to find in another mod.
  • The main catwalk that wraps around the big garage and connects to the second floor of the main building.

I have no current plans to release a version that replaces these parts, as this blueprint was uploaded as-is. This may change in the future, but don't rely on that. It would be easier and quicker to just fill in those gaps yourself.

Also, if you're a mod author, please don't just arbitrarily delete your long-standing popular mods - this creates HUGE headaches for everyone.

Q: I have a question you haven't answered...

Make sure you read the full description (there's more below), and watch the Installation tutorial video if you have a question about that.

Feel free to ask any other questions in the Posts tab. 

Builder's Notes:

I did not originally build this with a settlement blueprint in mind, otherwise the required mods listed below would be a much shorter list. I've been asked a lot about uploading the settlement, and with the new version of TS being able to support imported wiring, decided to upload it. This is my first published Settlement Blueprint, and I'm uploading it AS IS. 

As the Atom Cats are not farmers, this build 
does not include crops or other food sources. I recommend feeding your Cats by way of provisioners & supply lines to other settlements. You could always use some PC console magic on the Workshop as well, if you wanted to set it and forget it. With the Car Wash, the settlement produces a decent amount of water, and it should easily house about 20 Atom Cats.

[Build Limit]
I went WAY over the vanilla build limit in making this settlement. It's big enough that you might see framerate issues depending on your system. So unless you have used console commands or mods to increase your normal settlement budget, you won't likely be able to do much in the way of decorating or modifying what's imported.

There are some minor issues described above regarding the wiring. You should also know, in case you decide to rewire lots of things, that around the front of the build I sank a number of conduits and connections under the ground. I did this to avoid having tons of power lines between every single lamp-post, as the build is already pretty heavy on visible wires. Most of them lie a couple feet directly beneath the lamp posts by the road.

BONUS: Undecorated Blueprint!

Want to make this Red Rocket truly your own? There's an optional file that you should download instead of the main file. It contains the new buildings, derelict cars, some of the old world lighting, and NO furniture or decorations - as though the Atom Cats never made it their own.

It's less than half the size of the main file, and may leave you with a bit more room in your settlement budget! Best of all, it requires FAR LESS mods! (Click that link for a list, as the list below pertains to the Main Blueprint)


Use all the DLC and Mods listed below if you want your
imported Atom Cats' Red Rocket to look as it does in the video tour!

Required DLC:

  • Automatron
  • Far Harbor
  • Nuka World
  • Wasteland Workshop
  • Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Contraptions Workshop

Required Mods: (without these, nothing will look right)

Recommended Mods:(highly encouraged; without these, some key stuff will be busted)

[ * - denotes a mod that isn't a technical requirement in the blueprint, but is highly recommended]

Optional Mods: (you can get by without them, but why would you want to? these really help bring the place to life)

[ * - denotes a mod that isn't a technical requirement in the blueprint, but is highly recommended]