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  1. VaultBoyModer2077
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    I love how when you add the power conductors to the arms it kind of looks like Liberty Prime.
  2. Triggerhappy8
    • member
    • 20 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Looks like Squidwards house LMAO!
  3. sayaheca
    • member
    • 82 posts
    • 5 kudos
    thank you for the fantastic job, I customiezd a little the texture(as seen in pictures, still a wip for personnal use), and now that will be my favorite power armor in the game !
  4. Scytheofluna
    • member
    • 13 posts
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    Can someone tell me how to search item codes for this? The standard "help vault tec power armor 4" is doing jack squat. Vault-tec/vaulttec, no combination of search terms is working. I love power armor mods, but I hate it when you can't craft them. I'd circumvent this with cheat terminal, but it won't dupe the right arm for some reason.
    1. chuckdm
      • supporter
      • 461 posts
      • 5 kudos
      I just did "help vault 4 armo" and they were all right there at the end.

      I still can't find the armor codes for the tesla coil parts, though.
  5. ClochWorkTheif
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    The helmet didn't spawn in vault 111 for me. Are there any solutions/ console codes to fix this?
    1. Duleweldin26
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      same thing for me idk what to do lol
    2. JMSN2
      • member
      • 151 posts
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      help "vault tec power armor" 0
      get the id of the helmet
      player.additem id
      Example, if the id is 0000000
      player.additem 0000000
    3. Scytheofluna
      • member
      • 13 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I've tried this. It doesn't work. Nothing comes up.
  6. Wolfbane771
    • member
    • 492 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Nice! I like it! Excellent job!
  7. JDaremo
    • supporter
    • 1,881 posts
    • 12 kudos
    I like the suit but I've always hated the X-01 helmet and this helmet looks too much like it. Don't like looking like an alien bug
    Any chance of an optional file for different helmets?
    1. Reshirou
      • member
      • 662 posts
      • 23 kudos
      Just use a different helmet that matches the all black scheme or the hot rod scheme then
  8. prgh1212
    • member
    • 411 posts
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  9. lewis93713
    • member
    • 120 posts
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    Do you think you can make an x-02 PA because the unoctium one is very buggy.
  10. Chrtistian8OO
    • member
    • 278 posts
    • 3 kudos
    this power armour is beautiful and i absolutely love the dark take of it. Definitely would see vault tec making something as sinister like this