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Allows you to use any terminal no matter your height.

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Any Terminal at Any Height


Ever wanted to play as someone taller than a super mutant or smaller than a child but found you cant see anything when you use a terminal? Well now you can with this mod. All terminals in the base game or in mods can be used properly no matter what height you are as long as you can get close enough to "Use" the terminal.


Walk up and use terminals no matter your height.
Craft cake and potion at the chem station to make you grow or shrink.
Craft resizing wand at chem station. Any NPC struck with it can be resized.
Items found in the "Imaginary tool" section of the chem lab.

Includes with permission "Universal Actor Scale Remover" by Abbalovesyou freeing up one of your mod slots.

Also available as an ESL file for people with no more mod slots left.


Conflicts with Dave's Poses. Compatibility patch is in the optional files section.

This mod will conflict with any mod that adds or modifies the existing activator on terminals.
Known conflicting mods:
Remote Hacking
Force Lock And Quick Hack

A compatibility patch for these conflicts will be made when I can find the time.

Compatibility Patches:

ATaAH - Dave's Poses v2.1 compatibility patch. Load after both Any_Terminal_at_Any_Height.esp/esl and DavesPoses.esp.

Known issues:

Collision mesh does not scale with body. This is tied to the model mesh of the character and cannot be changed without replacing character models. I am not making several hundred meshes for each player model and custom ones out there.


A big thanks for scripts to:
shavkacagarikia: Link
A big thanks for letting me add "Universal Actor Scale Remover" to:
Abbalovesyou: Link
Please check their mods out.


Article: The 75 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Improve Your Gaming Experience By Jon Lacelle on Digital Fox

Hypothetical F.A.Q.
Q. Can I combine this mod with my mod and release it to the public?
A. I would rather you didn’t. It took me time and effort to make but there’s technically no way for me to stop you. Course I might change my mind if you told me why it’s such a good idea.

Q. I found a bug! Fix it now!
A. Make a report in the bugs section and I will get to it ASAP. Please don’t spam the forum.

Q. Do you have any future plans for this mod?
A. Way to scale power armour. Fix gun sights not aligning up. Fix character speed issue when leaving terminals. Get rid of property "ATaAH_Novice_Override" bug.

Q. Is this available on other platforms?
A. Xbone: Link
    PS 4: N/A

Q. Do you have any other mods?
A. Craft and Dismantle Weapons: Link
    Uncraftable Weapon Mods: Link
    Restricted Portable Weapons Workbench: Link
    Portable Folding Chair: Link
    Salem Turrets - Gun Run Fix: Link

In collaboration with r00stafarian
    Courser Ghost-Spectre X-92 Mashup: Link