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Fast filling bottles with water in Survival

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In Survival you need to many times press R at some water or sit at a water pump and just let the animation play out to fill all your bottles.

This mod tweak HC_WaterBottleScript so that water filled in bottle faster when using water pump or other water sources.

Since v.2.0.0 mod converted into a .esl + .ba2 plugin with Mod Configuration Menu support.
With MCM you can tweak number of simultaneously filled bottles.

Without MCM will use the default settings:
  • Number of simultaneously filled bottles = 10

Incompatible with any mods which change Data\Scripts\Hardcore\HC_WaterBottleScript.pex script

Compatibility with mods adds empty bottle when you drink:
Immersive Water Bottle Recycling -- Pack Your Trash - checked v. - Сompatible
Fill'em Up Again (Dynamic Bottle Recyclation) - checked v.1.0 - Сompatible (I use this)
DG Give My Bottles Back - checked v.1.1 - Сompatible
Give Me That Bottle - checked v.2.6 - Incompatible
Give Me My Bottle Back - checked v.1.2 - Сompatible
Survival Water Bottles - checked v.1.0 - Сompatible
Korax Changes - checked v.0.7.0 - Сompatible

Compatibility with other mods:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - checked 2.0.1a - Сompatible
Bottle Water - checked v.0.1 - Сompatible
Fill Bottle while playing on any difficulty. - checked v.0.2 - Сompatible (I use this to fill bottles from Water Purifier, Water Purifier - Industrial, Water Pump - Powered)
The Bottle Filling Station - 3.0 Proper Plumbing Update - checked v.3.0 - Сompatible
Bottle Water anytime (Working) - checked v.1.1 - Сompatible, but working only in Survival

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