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Graygarden cleaned up and ready to go. With a little extra flat building area :)

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This is my start up mod for Graygarden

Graygarden Startup is the fifth in the series of startup settlement mods that I am going to develop. In this series, I am trying to keep the flavor of the settlements while improving the usability of the settlement and reducing time spent site prepping.
Graygarden is a unique settlement and I spent a fair amount of time deciding what to do with this location. So I started with the basics like cleaning up vines, garbage, trees, cars, muddy puddles....etc..then I expanded the flat building area a bit.
I left the greenhouse alone for the most part because of the robot idle markers and the quest attached to getting the settlement. I also want to preserve the flavor of it being an operational greenhouse. Be aware that if you choose to scrap the greenhouse items and greenhouse itself, those robots will still try to prune non existent crops. If you want to do that, I suggest disabling the robots via console commands, reassigning or relocating them. Also, the navmesh in the greenhouse is setup with precuts for the tables in place. Meaning that, if you scrap them, your npcs can walk where they were.  Also, the ceiling for this settlement does extend to the top of the overpass (this is a vanilla thing, I didn't extend it) so that you can build high even on the top tier of the overpass.

What you won't see...
>garbage (including the garbage on the Graygarden section of the overpass)
>muddy puddles that never dry
>Dirt that you can't scrap
>cars/trucks (except for the prize sedan because of the quest attached)
>bushes (with the exception of crops.)

What you should see...

>Graygarden....clean and more useable especially now that it has Hozsa's repaired greenhouse mesh in it. :-)
>I've moved the workbench into the greenhouse so that I could extend the flat area just a bit. See pictures.
>There are two planks in front of the greenhouse that may show up. I've tried disabling them, using keywords and using scripts to move them...they resist assimilation...lucky for you and me, they are scrappable  or you can console disable them in game...why it won't work in CK is beyond me.
>All of the materials gained by scrapping and the items that were scattered
about Graygarden are located in the dufflebag on the workbench. To get
the item list, I loaded a game with no scrapping mods. I performed a
'scrapall' and then retrieved everything that wasn't scrapped. I looked
at what was available and then placed those items in the bag. You are not losing anything in the way of materials, you just don't have to do it yourself.

The mod seen in the images besides this mod:

Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow by FrogprincessQ4   >Spring season is used

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Or you can follow the link to get the merged version(s)

Mod has been cleaned with FO4Edit.
Thank you and enjoy!