Fallout 4

About this mod

A blueprint for Vault 88 built by Gopher

Permissions and credits
Take the tour of Gopher's Vault 88
What is this?
This is the vanilla blue print of the vault that Gopher built in his Frank play through of the Vault-tec DLC. The entire vault was built with vanilla assets only, and as such it should be compatible with a vanilla game or any modded game. The vault layout is complete, and some rooms have a little furniture to give you an idea of what the room was for, but the idea is that you can use whatever mods you like and decorate it to suit your own needs.

What do you need to use this?
Obviously you will need Transfer Settlements to use this, and please not ythat you NEED version 1.41 or later.

Do I need any mods/addons?
This blueprint requires no mods, but does make use of a lot of the DLC assets. You will need all of the official DLC except for Far Harbor to get all of the objects I used in this Vault.

Installation (Mod Manager)
Just add the file to your mod manager and install from there. You will be asked which slot you wish to use during the installation process.

Installation (Manual)
1. Download the file and extract.
2. Copy the Blueprint_d.dds and Gophers Vault 88 Vanilla.json files to the /data/f4se/Plugins/TransferSettlements/blueprints/1/ folder in your game. The last number should be changed to whatever slot you wish to use.

Finish the quest first!
I've not tried using this blueprint before the quest in Vault 88 is finished. I would imagine it could cause some minor issues. At least wait until you have unlocked all the workshops :)

Using the blue print

Do I recommend using any mods?
Hell yes! Decorating this vault with vanilla assets will take forever. Use some mods and make it look great. I'd also use some lighting mods if I were you. The two I used are:
Vault-Tec SimuSun Lighting
Better Workshop Lights

What about the build limit?
I went way over the build limit in this settlement, even without many decorations or furniture. If you wish to expand upon this settlement you will need a mod or console command to increase your settlement limit.

Can you decorate this Vault and upload the settlement for others to see?
Yes please :) I would love to see what you can do with my layout.