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Neck size has been altered on the female child head and child head rear meshes. No Esp, or scripts.

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Edit; added a seperate version of A NiceOaktree's Diverse Child version. Note that this is very experimental. The bone files might not work. Please PM me if you run into trouble. 

Last year at the request of CatGirlBlue I modified the female child head and neck mesh in 3dsmax. It went well in static but in game there was a gap in the collar bone and NPC's wore it like a mask. I did a lot of testing and research but could never figure out what I did wrong.

When I came back to modding F4 I decided to give it another go with BodySlide. It now works as intended, but there are a few caveats;

I don't know how this will affect some common child creation mods. (I don't use them, but I know a lot about them through the research I did last year). 

The skin tint in my game is slightly off, as you can see. There is a distinct line around the collar bone. I suggest recoloring the skin texture with Paint.net or Photo Shop.  If that doesn't work it may be the material and the best bet is to look at the material files that come with CBBE and copy them. I am not an artist so I'm not going to even try


Abbaloves you has created a patch on his sites that  have the correct face bones so the looks menu will work. Allow it to overwrite mine.

Playable children

Custom Playable Children by Abbaloves

Customizable children has it's own meshes. I have no idea what would happen if you use it.  Install that mod first and overwrite it with mine.  

Customizable Children


Higher Female Children Voice
Killable Children
Hair for Children
Raider Children
Orphans of the Commonwealth - More Children
Children Headwear
Children Headwear Collection
Higher Female Protagonist Voice
Higher Male Protagonist Voice
or any furniture mods.
Clothing mods for children or CBBE should work fine.

I used these mods while working and I highly recommended;

Children Extended - Separated Meshes and Textures for each Gender and Race by NickCageForever

Ellies Face and Ellies Body by Kaleeon (not the face just the bodyslide presets.)

Sporty Underwear - CBBE - BodySlide by ousnius and Nezzar84 (because the CBBE Never Nude is ugly as you can see in the pictures above.)

Finally I'd like to thank thedragonking82 who PMed me last year to tell me about the masking problem.