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A packed lunch for the Hero/Heroine of the wastes...

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I rather enjoyed the Caravan Lunches in Fallout New Vegas but was disappointed to see them go in Fallout 4. This mod attempts to bring them back with a small twist. You will now be able to craft your own Caravan Lunches at the cooking station with 1 Vault-Tec Lunchbox, 1 Plastic Fork, 1 Plastic Knife, 1 Brahmin Meat, 1 Mutfruit and 1 Purified Water. It heals 100 HP, Fortifies AGI by 3, Fortifies END by 3, Fortifies STR by 3 and Fortifies PER by 3 for 6 hours. Designed with Survival in mind, it also Decreases Hunger and Quenches Thirst. It weighs 1.0 AND once consumed returns your lunchbox and utensils back into your inventory to be reused for future lunches. Let me know if there's any bugs or if it's too overpowered for Survival.

Shout-out to shavkacagarikia for his help in this project, for without his scripting knowledge this never would've happened.

Feel free to check out my other mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25130/? for all of your jerky needs!


Version 1.0

Added the Caravan Lunch from New Vegas as an optional file as per request. Heals 90 HP, weighs 2.5, Quenches Thirst, Reduces Hunger. Requires 1 Lunchbox, 1 Cram, 1 Instamash, 1 Pork 'n Beans. Valued at 5 Caps. As usual please let me know if there's any bugs. Optional File is NOT compatible with the main file. Use one or the other, but USE ONLY ONE! This option returns your Lunchbox to your inventory after consumption but not the utensils.