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Are you tired of running out of supplies? Now you can can rematerialize any item your heart desires, right before your eyes, as many times as you'd like!

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(Please read before using! Also, please check the change log for warnings before updating to prevent item loss.)
(Note: Buttons will need to be pressed twice initially to activate them, but then they should function on a one-to-one basis.)

Are you tired of running out of supplies? Can't find enough steel, wood, and copper for building, even after exhausting the full supply of other downloaded caches? Do you think that one item would really tie your settlement decoration together?

In Sanctuary, located right next to the workbench, you discover the door to a cellar belonging to Dr. Jane Mobius, a prewar researcher at CIT who worked on a technology which she figured could lead to teleportation. Her old machine is still running, which can rematerialize any item your heart desires, right before your eyes, as many times as you'd like! Simply activate the rematerializer using the power box in the entryway, go on into the main room, take what you need, and then with two presses of the nearby button your supply will be replenished! Weapons, ammo, armor, power armor, clothes, food, drinks, chems, meds, junk, caps, bobbleheads, magazines, and more!

Other features include: a player home on the lower level with a bed, an automatic decontamination field, some unique crafting stations (the garage cart is the weapons bench, the sink is the chemistry station, the cabinet is the armor station), an infinite bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum to replenish your health, and plenty of storage.

You can also read the entries by Dr. Jane Mobius and her husband George Smith on the terminal for a bit of backstory about the place, and to make it all seem a bit more believable within the Fallout universe. Everyone loves some good immersion, right?

----------IMPORTANT INFORMATION----------

-This mod is experimental. I tried to make sure everything works as advertised, but mistakes sometimes happen. I would recommend saving and trying the place out to get a feel for how it works before using it to avoid item loss mishaps. Goodness knows I hate when that happens to me! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs and I'll do my best to fix them.

-All of the containers on the inset metal shelves on the upper floor are NOT SAFE CONTAINERS. Do not store important/valuable items there or they may be erased. The safe containers in the area are the trunk in the entryway, and all of the containers on the lower level.

-If you would ever like to once again disable the rematerializer buttons and make the shelf containers safe, you can simply activate the power box in the entryway again. Once the red light turns off, the rematerializer buttons will be disabled to prevent accidental resetting. This will essentially turn the cellar into a standard player home, which is still pretty cool.

-The map marker for this location will fast travel you into the entryway. It might appear to be a settlement, but I assure you it is not. (I think it's a result of being placed within the bounds of the workshop cell, but I could be wrong. If you happen to know how to fix this, please let me know.)

-The weapons and armor containers will spawn ammo along with randomly modded versions of the weapons. There is a collection on the same shelf with every mod available, so you can change them, but if you don't like the random generation, you can also reset the weapons/armor shelf and the containers will generate a new version.

-I wanted to allow companions down here, so the items decorating the area intentionally do not move from being bumped into so that they don't get scattered everywhere; however, you can still take them and add them to your inventory if you choose (except the Quantum, which is basically just a water fountain).

-I tried to organize the items by function, so I had to manually place all of them into containers. I probably forgot some. I probably forgot a lot. Please let me know if you think of anything I need to add!

-As stated before, please check the description before updating. If I need to change the containers in any way, I don't want you to lose something you stored there.

-This version only contains base game items. If it goes well, I can make versions with items from the DLCs as well.

-Available on all platforms.

-Oh, and enjoy your infinite supplies, courtesy of Dr. Jane Mobius!