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Can't get enough settlements? Wicked Workshop turns the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup into a fully functional settlement!

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Can't get enough settlements? Wicked Workshop turns the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup into a fully functional settlement!

I cleaned up a lot of the debris and rearranged some things to make it feel a bit more like a settlement, and removed some things that can't be junked. I also turned the power armor workbench shack into a greenhouse, added some power conduits (just add wires!), and included some building materials in the workbench. If the Wicked Shipping decals get in your way (in front of the top of the stairs, just outside the office with the terminal, on a crate in the main room), you can remove them by scrapping the rugs directly below them. I also added toggles to show/hide the crates/trailers, the dead bodies, and the decals (see below).

If you want just a workbench placed in the original location with no edits, it's now available under the name 'Wicked Workshop (Immersive Version)' on (coming here soon). Or, if you just want to add back some crates, shipping containers, vehicles, etc. to make it feel more like the wasteland, there are some excellent object unlock mods available.

I only used base game files, so no DLC is required. This shouldn't conflict with game play at all, but it's not exactly an immersive mod unless you imagine your settlers putting a lot of time and effort into restoring the place. It probably won't work well with any other mods that affect the location. I found that some mods also replace all the deleted junk into the location. Placing this mod at the bottom of the load order and disabling some of my mods seemed to fix that, though.


Toggle Details:
I made it possible to remove the shipping crates and trailers from the area. Because this disrupts the bridge from the roof of the warehouse to the roof of the greenhouse, I added a set of stairs. I also added toggle buttons to show/hide the decals and the dead bodies in the area (or just send the live ghouls straight into the void!). You can find the toggle buttons next to where the chemistry station is originally found, to the right inside the door next to the Protectron, and they're all clearly labeled. You might have to hit them a couple of times the first time, but then they should function normally, as you'd expect in the wasteland. There are no containers included in the visible/invisible toggle, so you don't have to worry about losing items. However, the ghouls/bodies will reset their inventory when they are toggled off and on again, so don't store anything in those. The decals can still be completely scrapped individually (by scrapping the mat near the one you want to remove) if you just want to delete one of them, but you can also hide them all at once now with the toggle.