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Increases the given settlement's build area to the water by Sanctuary. Good for Sim Settlements too.

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See photo to see the new build area with purifiers I put down as an example.

All scrappable items outside of original build area are now scrappable. Increases build area. Increases NPC sandbox. No objects or terrain touched.

Simple mod. Stretches the build area all the way up to the water that Sanctuary uses without overlapping with the Sanctuary build area. Technically, you may be able to join the two settlements...? Someone do this and let me know lol. CONFIRMED! Put down a wood walkway in the sky maybe, idk. Though don't go too crazy, don't want both settlements too dense or you'll get a loss of frames.

This is how the settlement should have been made. Also increased the build budget.

If you're wondering why some objects are highlightable but not scrappable its because there are mods that make extra things scrappable. I added these to be 'potentially' scrappable in case you have those mods installed.

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Modifies the settlement cells as well as the border, the buildable area trigger, and the workbench. Doesn't move or remove anything. Shouldn't see cell reset. Should work fine with those restoration mods. Looks like Sim Settlements work with it too.



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