Sanctuary Hills - Water Roads and Bridge Remade by Highlander
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Added: 21/06/2017 - 06:46PM
Updated: 12/10/2017 - 06:12PM

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This mod came out of my personal need to have deep river, clean road and sidewalks in Sanctuary Hills. There are two great mods, Sanctuary Water Overhaul and Sanctuary - Reworked Roads together they do what my mod those, well sort off. Sadly they are not compatible with each other, can't have both effects at the same time.

However my goal wasn't pristine road like its still 2077 ;) I wanted something that fells at least a bit postapocalyptic. So you still see cracks in them, leaves laying around, grass growing here and there. But no more ground sticking out of them and by that I mean ingame terrain that can't be removed by scraping. There are still grass mounds but those can be easily removed with another great mod Scrap Everything. For me its one of those essential mods for any settlement builder. Together with Scrap Everything you can choose what level of destruction you want. You can have clean roads without any leaves, grass growing out off cracks or those grass mounds but its up to you what will you remove. Il be posting screenshots with most of those things removed thanks to Scrap Everything but it's your choice what to leave and what to remove.

Second function of this mod is deep river from the side of The Old North Bridge, I made it a bit less deep at north corner so you can easily place water pumps.

Upload new file with deep river clean road and pre war bridge. Post war bridge now uses pre war mesh so there shouldn't be any problems with navmesh.

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