Fallout 4
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r00stafarian and stonefisher

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A mashup armor of alan81512's Ghost Armor and nsk13's Courser X-92 Power Suit with a few extra touches by me: r00stafarian. Scripted by stonefisher.

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NEW Update! New Black Steath Suit Color

meshes and textures r00stafarian and scripted by stonefisher

After getting back into modding Fallout 4, I decided to revisit my old mod (which is a mashup of alan81512's Ghost Armor and nsk13's Courser X-92 Power Suit) and make it standalone/one file after many requests since the other one caused CTDs for unknown reasons. I decided to make a whole new page since this is entirely standalone and I had to recreate it pretty much from scratch requiring no extra mods! It has been tested and caused no CTDs (brand new save with no mods and old save with many mods).

This mod has suit, breastplate, gloves, and headset which have many mods:
  • Suit Colors: Blue Ghost, Orange Ghost, Green Spectre, Red Spectre, and now Black Spectre.
  • Glow Colors: Constant Glow and Breathing Glow
  • Modes: Zipped/Unzipped Suit, On Head/Over Eyes Goggles
  • Dynamic (scripts): suit can change to zipped version in combat/nighttime/bad weather and switch back during daylight/out of combat/good weather, breastplate can equip only during combat, and goggles will go over eyes when certain light threshold is reached or during combat.
  • Night and/or Thermal vision: goggles can apply night vision and/or thermal vision when certain light threshold is reached or manually.

Update (Version 4.2a):

  • Now Black Spectre color to suits and Pip-boy (very faint glow)
  • Additional bodyslide files added for remaining items in mod.
  • Welcome screen added for new mod users.
  • Pop-up warning system added to help you use the mod.
  • Armour reset option added in case of script failure and future mod updates.
  • Ballistic weave can now be removed just like any other armor mod (for use with the armor reset option).
  • Patches and tweaks added to remove goggle blur, reduce armor slots used and to make use of the workbench in AWKCR.
  • FOMOD installer has been optimized.
  • Bug fixes: Light effects now work correctly on worn and breathing gloves and anti-script breaking code has been fixed and improved.
  • Typo: Some have been found and corrected.

How to Install/Update:

  • To Update from before version 4.1: It is strongly recommended to sell ALL old equipment. Clean save helps too.
  • To Update from 4.1 to 4.2a: regular update should work fine.

  • Install this mod's main FOMOD with NMM and follow the insturctions there (includes everything - no extra mods/files required!)

  • Optional: If you want to use MCM menu install F4SE first then MCM.

  • Optional: If you want to modify the mesh to suit your own body type: Install Bodyslide

How to Obtain:

  • Optional: Follow quest (can use hint/map maker) from MCM menu or "Courser Ghost-Spectre X-92" pill at the Chemical Workbench or just use cheat and skip the quest and get right to crafting.
  • Each armor set/piece can be upgraded at the armorer workbench with ballistic weave (no perks required - except distressed suit versions from quest).
  • Each Armor Piece can be modded for suit type, glow color, glow effect, dynamic state, vision type at the armor workbench. (no cost)
  • The night/thermal/normal vision toggle mode/brightness can be crafted at the chemical workstation and be kept in the inventory to be "consumed" (doesn't leave inventory) in the AID section.
  • All other settings (light level trigger, pipboy color, quest options...) can modified from the MCM menu (or menu pill from chemical workstation).
  • The auto night/thermal vision light level trigger will automatically activate/deactivate the night/thermal vision overlay as well as googles will go over the eyes if the current light level your location (a notification message tells your current light level: usually 1-80) is lower/higher than the current setting (I like to set mine to ~5) repectively.
  • Otherwise, there a manual toggle nightvision modifier than can be set to the favorites menu to hotkey at any time.
  • Also, you can modify the brightness of the night/thermal vision using a modifier as well by 5 levels.

Video Showcase (version 1):

Thanks to UltimateImmersionn!

Ghost Armor:
Courser X-92 Power Suit:
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