eNse7en's BADASS 1911's V2.66 by LegacySlayer and eNse7en
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eNse7en's BADASS 1911's!

Special Note:
"One More Light" was made by eNse7en in memory of the Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington. As you enjoy this mod, please keep Chester's family in your thoughts and prayers, and rock out to some Linkin Park in                          his Memory.                   

R.I.P. Chester Bennington (07/20/2017)
This mod adds the Dan Wesson DiscretionKimber Eclipse Custom II and Kimber Super Jagare to the Commonwealth, along with mods that will keep these guns useful well into level 100+.

Wait ANOTHER 1911 mod..?
NOPE, wrong. You dont just call a Kimber or Dan Wesson "another 1911", you cant get much higher quality guns than these. But you gotta work for them, they have been added to the leveled lists, although pretty rare they will spawn. You should have atleast one or the other by level 10. Check Raiders, Gunners, Civilians, Triggerman and even occasionally in some shops.

But thats not all...
The mods for these guns are NOT craftable. I dont care what your gunsmithing level is, you are not going to craft a precision milled receiver out of scrap metal, screws and duct tape. Instead, these mods also have their own leveled list so be sure to explore everywhere! Never know where one might show up.

In addition to finding the mods, I have also added a system that allows these 2 guns to level alongside the player, provided you can find the mod that is.
Starting at level 25, new more powerful mods will be added to the leveled lists. Same goes for level 50 and 75 along with Legendary mods that appear at level 100 that turns these guns BADASS.

Version 2.50 -
- Starter versions of every gun will now be placed in Vault 111 Security office in the middle filing cabinet. See pictures for more details on location. The Starter variants of each gun are noticeably weaker than the original, but still much better and more accurate than that old 10MM you start with. You can also no longer spawn the original with console commands (Possibly a bug, but a good one so I left it :P)
- Adds the Kimber Super Jagare, eNse7en's latest creation. Along with its own mods
- Changes were made internally to the Leveled lists to prevent you from getting 10+ kimber sights in a row constantly. Each gun now has a seperate category in the leveled list, so instead of 15 items in Level list 1-25, its broken down to Mods for Eclipse, Jagare or Wesson then 1 of 5 in each category.
-Fixed the reflex sights on Dan wesson, should be more realistic and not invisible when pointing to the sky anymore.
-Also added a Weapon Camo paint system, Included in the Leveled Lists are Weapon Camo Paint Kits, use these to craft paintjobs for the Dan Wesson and Kimber Eclipse at the Workbench (Super Jagare paints not yet ready)

Version 2.60 -
- Added a legendary variant to the Kimber Super Jagare "Monster Hunter"
- Added eNse7en's tribute to the Legendary singer Chester Bennington "One More Light"
- Various bug-fixes including the Jagare not being mod-able

Version 2.66 -
- Updated the Laser mesh with the help of eNse7en, Now includes a variety of colors craftable at any mod station
- Added a 1911 Compensator, + Clean variants (Applies when the Brand New Finish is selected)

DanWesson Discretion, Kimber Eclipse Custom II and Kimber Super Jagare models and textures - eNse7en
Pistol Rail Model and Textures - Krycek (Donate to him through paypal! address [email protected])
Docter Reflex Sight - BOT
BlackHawk SmokeStack Silencer - eNse7en
Custom 1911 Sounds - Vunsunta

This mod would not have been possible without eNse7en's extremely high quality, scratch made models and textures! If you would like to see MORE high quality mods like this one come to the Commonwealth, Please DONATE if youre able, to eNse7en below! My mods will always be free, but please support the Modelers who allow us to use their High Quality models FREE of charge!

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