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For countless play throughs every time I find a tuxedo I have to lug it around in my pack waiting to find a male NPC to give it because I don't like how the Tuxedos look on female characters. I finally got around to making a female CBBE version for myself, and I'm sharing the bodyslide files and replacer in case anyone else would like to give it to their female characters and NPCs.

The default preset I gave the replacers is my Fable Sunborn body. But this has the bodyslide files, too, so you can build it to the preset of your choice.

All my outfits come with CBBE physics installed. If you do not wish to use physics just open my project in outfit studio and hit File/Save. When prompted what physics to use, uncheck the box and finish the save. When you close bodyslide and go back into it, you'll be able to build the outfit without physics. But I don't recommend that. Physics are good for immersion :)

Tools Used To Make Outfit
- GIMP 2
- Blender
- Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
- Material Editor

This is a replacer, so no ESP is used.

I spent a lot of time crafting and tweaking the textures and meshes for this, but if I missed anything or if there are problems please let me know in the comments section. However, if you are offended by it I ask that you not let me know. Thanks :)

Screen Shots
Other mods visible in my screen shots include:
- French Nails
- Long Eye Lashes
- Avallonkao Skin Textures for CBBE
- Streamlined Pip-Boy
- Premium Pip-Boy HD Black

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