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NOTICE: Due to the debacle with the creation club, I will no longer be making mods for Fallout, nor supporting old mods.

Getting a new perk can be great, until you realize you "have to" put it in a certain perk like Gun Nut or Sharpshooter in order to stay viable. So many people "have to" get Charisma of 5 in order to get local leader, because settlements are zero fun without provisioners. Automatic Boring Perks frees you from that tedium by giving you certain perks as you level up! You will get each perk at the earliest level you could aquire it. The perks are: Armorer, Basher, Big Leagues, Blacksmith, Commando, Demolition Expert, Gun Nut, Gunslinger, Heavy Gunner, Iron Fist, Local Leader, Rifleman, and Science. 
I highly recommend a difficulty rebalancer if you're using this mod. While this mod gives you 55 perks over 49 levels, it's effectively 15-ish perks, since few folks will use all of the perks, unless you're somehow both using punches and missile launchers in the same character. But with this mod, it's now an option without crippling your other abilities!
This IS compatible with existing savegames.

Groveling appology: Version 1.0 broke save games. I am so sorry. What happened was some vestigial code from Skyrim had some side-effects. If you add the Gunslinger perk, level 1, it will give you rank 1 of that perk. If you add it again, it gives you rank 2, up to 5 ranks. There is no data for ranks 2-5, so the perk would stop working. The perk chart only checks if you have the perk, not what rank. Version 2.0 starts by removing all the perks it touched (thus all ranks of it), and then adding the perks back. Now when it goes to add a perk, it checks to see if you already have it, and thus won't be adding the same perk multiple times, creating the "wrong rank" issue. I am so sorry, it's fixed now, my bad.

Version 2.1: Update that should smooth when someone applies this mod to a higher level savegame. Before it was removing all the relevant perks on load, and then adding them back on levelup. Now it will do both on load, and the adding on level-up. Only update if applying this to an existing save game.
Version 2.0: Oh my gosh I screwed up so bad. I didn't realize Fallout 4 still had "ranks" of perks like Skyrim (vestigial code) so when you add the same perk more than once, it "breaks" the perk because there's no data for "rank 2" of Gunslinger level 1. The perk chart would show you had the perk, but you'd get no benefit. This has been fixed. I am so sorry. Please update. 
Version 1.1: Totally my bad, I uploaded the .esp and not the .ba2 and .esp combined, so it was missing all the scripts. It should now be 100% functional! A big thanks to Flenarn from Project Cascadia for the helping me to realize just how badly I messed up when saving my project!
Version 1: Optimize the scripting of the perk adding; now only runs on level-up instead of constantly, remove all debug messages.
Version 0.5: Automate adding the perks
Version 0.1: Series of BAT files as proof of concept