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Changes vendor inventories to be less static and cookie cutter. Primarily focused on ammo and shipments. Designed to increase difficulty, immersion and sense of loss/gain from Faction relation changes.

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Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC
This mod makes adjustments to the inventories of many vendors in the game to make them stand out from each other a little more. Vendors generally carry less ammo, more shipments and you might find items not sold by vanilla merchants. Gaining or losing access to faction merchants is also kind of a big deal now.

The goal is to make vendors feel unique, to make inventories less static and to increase scarcity of ammunition.

Hroun was kind enough to upload this mod to bethesda.net for consoles.


This was designed to work along side my other mod Loot Logic and Reduction. It was made standalone for one very important compatibility issue. Any mods that add new items to vendor inventories will likely not be compatible. Especially weapon mods that add new types of ammo since I rebuilt vendor ammo lists.


Ammo is broken down into several categories. Common, uncommon and rare, as well as overlapping energy and scavenged lists. Some merchants will be better sources of certain types of ammo than others. Faction merchants and merchants you can lose in the game typically have the best stocks. Few vendors sell rare ammo types. 7.62mm and .45-70 ammo types are included in the uncommon ammo pool, making it available everywhere. The leveled lists are designed so that vendors will carry more as you level up (for game balance) but quantities will fluctuate each time yo visit them.

merchants carry more shipments in general but their inventories will fluctuate so each time they restock they might have more or less. For example: doctors sell antiseptic shipments, but sometimes they carry cloth and/or acid shipments as well.

Weapon/armor mods:
Institute, Railroad, Minutemen and Brotherhood of Steel merchants have low chances to carry high end weapon and armor mods related to their faction. They are level locked relevant to the perk requirements to build them, but it might be useful to some. As I mentioned, it's a low chance and a limited pool, so it shouldn't imbalance things.

Some merchants will carry plants. Produce, wild harvestables and medicinal plants will sometimes be carried by certain vendors.
Drug vendors have a very rare chance to carry unique chems like x-cell and day tripper.