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Prevents Preston from giving you standard radiant quests after capturing the castle.

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Tired of being unable to speak with Preston without having a new quest or 2 forced down your throat? I was, and after some browsing here found the, "Enough About the Settlements Already Preston" mod which I loved the idea of. Due to many comments stating that the mod no longer worked I decided to make my own version for the latest patches.

----- What This Mod Does -----
If you do not own the castle, Preston will give you the quests as normal. After you have control of the castle and the radio powered up again he will stop giving you new quests every time you speak with him. Now to receive further quests you simply tune into the Minutemen radio station and will receive the alerts from there.

There are a few quests that he will still give as they are not given to you by the radio broadcast, or are main storyline quests. Other than these rare quests you can speak with him as often as you like without worry and no longer have to stuff him in a far off corner of the map!

----- Installation -----
To install this mod simply extract the esp file to your Fallout4\Data folder and activate. The Nexus has more detailed instructions here.
----- Uninstallation -----
Just deactivate and delete the esp file as outlined in the instructions linked above.

----- What This Mod Changes -----
This mod alters the dialogue for the radiant quests to add a new requirement for Preston's lines. If the quest Taking Independence has been completed those dialogue lines will be disabled. No changes are made to Preston himself so this mod should be compatible with mods that alter Preston directly.

----- Known Issues -----
After completing Taking Independence, Preston will give you one quest when you speak with him. When this quest is turned in he will no longer give out unwanted quests.