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This mod adds looksmenu presets that contain Black and Asian faces of both genders. The purpose of this mod is to give other players and modders non-Caucasian facial structures that are difficult to create.

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So, what does this mod do?

These looks menu presets will help you create Black or Asian characters that look more convincing. There are 10 female face presets and four male face presets in this mod.  There are very few mods and presets on the Nexus that offer non-Caucasian faces.  Most modders struggle to create more diverse faces.  

Now these presets should be decently attractive, but they are not intended to be the most beautiful faces.  These presets do not use any mods other than LooksMenu, and they don't require any DLC's.  Again, only vanilla textures, meshes, and hairs are used in this mod, so they aren't the best possible faces, but the faces should be decent. You can add whatever eyes, textures, hair or anything else you want to your character or NPC.  

What makes these presets so special?

One of the things other modders seem to stuggle the most with is getting the correct nose, lip, and lower face proportions for Black or African characters.  One of the most common mistakes is up-sizing the nose and mouth and then flattening the nose without changing the actual proportions.  This mod gets all these things right.
As for characters that are intended to appear east-Asian, modders often make the mistakes of pushing the nose too far into the face, letting the eyes sit too deep in the sockets, not aligning the facial profile, adding the incorrect eyes.  Even worse, on some mods the eyes are literally slanted rather than adjusting the way the eyelids open. This mod gets all those things right.  

In the future, I intend on adding more presets of more different ancestries, but that will require mods. 
Also, don't forget that this mod requires LooksMenu

How do I install this?

To install, simply copy the files from the zip and paste them into