Fallout 4
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Playable duplicate of that mansion.

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Need the DLC Nuka World
Hello everyone, I am happy to share with you a new mod.

Grandchester Mansion 2

New file V3.2; Update Data.

New file V3.1 and V3.1Go; Update Data.

Old version V2.4; File data.

Hello everybody.

A colleague of Nexus recommended me to create a duplicate of that location, because here it is.

It is a complete settlement, interior, without requirements and with some pre-installation done.

It is in the west of the map, it has its own visible mark from the beginning.

There are 4 movable switches, a long-range power connector, water, an antenna, complete crafting, point of return to the workshop and fast trip from the inside, decontamination point, non-respawn zone, a special DLC weapon, the classic of my mods.

Except a couple of pictures and some design armchair, if you use the mod Spring Cleaning you can leave it empty of furniture, there is real support of floor throughout the area, so that later you can use the space to your whim.

This is the only place where you should not put anything.

With a finished NavMeshes everything works better.

I do not want to put captures of the interior, this is the tone of the mod, very dark, it's up to you to give it light.

The interior consists of 5 heights, this is the attic and the work area.

I have had to invent some part, but it has been solid and easy to defend.

I've cleaned it of references with F04Edit.
You need the Nuka World DLC and nothing else. Is a single file, copy the data to install, delete it to uninstall or use NMM.

This mod is dedicated to who gave me the idea, Lord Indycurt.