About this mod

Relive the good old days! In this Pre-War Holosimulation. Currently 3 working settlements for building, farming, and living the easy life.

Permissions and credits
Hello... Sweet America..

This is your president John Henry Eden. I extend to you a formal invitation!
To what you ask? Well.. I suppose you could say that I am inviting you to your salvation!
The Eden Simulation Project!

In this simulation you will have unlimited access to fertile land. Untouched by war. 
Clean skies as far as the eye can see. All for you. The fine, upstanding people of
these united states of America.

Now if you are reading this it means our initial plan, the water purification project has 
failed. The simulation, along with this instruction holotape, are even more proof of the Enclave's 
dedication to the stars and stripes. A plan B if you will, to be distributed to you fine
ladies and gentlemen by our Enclave Troops. Delivered straight to your homes...
and straight to your hearts.

Long live America!
Long live the Enclave!

~President John Henry Eden

Simulation Status: Online
//Some systems have been damaged. [2] settlements are operational
//More settlements will become available upon system update

Mod Support: Yes
//All mods are supported and work with the Eden Simulation
//Mods that alter the capsule near Vault 111 are NOT compatible
//as the entrance to the simulation is located inside that capsule

Weather Systems: Online
//The simulation has it's own pre-war weather systems. Including

Infinite Land Generation: Offline
//CAUTION: Procedural land generation has been disabled. System tampering
//also detected. User my experience unstable emulation around land that 
//has not been generated. Such as radiation, confusion, and general unease.
//User is advised to remain inside fully rendered areas to avoid contamination
//of the simulation and death of the user.
//Infinite land generation is not possible however more land may be generated
//after periodic system updates. 


Program will undergo periodic updates to repair systems and maintain system stability
Update process may be slow as communication with Enclave Data Systems has been
Terminated indefinitely. System must rely on self maintenance.

Updates will include:
*New settlement locations
*Added landspace
*Simulated Human lifeforms
*Additional food resources

Link to a video of version 1.2


Other Recommended Software: (Optional)

Rebuild - Modular Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set:
Thank you ParcelStudioGames for the use of your meshes and asset files used in the creation of some of the pre war houses.


ParcelStudioGames for the Pre War Sanctuary house textures
Aesfocus (Renovated Furniture)

AesFocus has given me permission to use the assets in their mod
under the condition that I credit all who helped them make 
renovated furniture the amazing mod it is today.

""This is taken from the mod page so that I get the congratulations
and thank you's correct""
FRIFFY for the original .esp, relaxed animation switch, and work to the meshes, she also supplied some extra recolors! 
Amaeli for ske/auto doors patches and FOMOD installer for version 5.0
So-ghislaine, sweetsoulsister, jammurch, SunnyFunLane on DA, textures.com, melstampz on flickr and NASA commons for textures
SubtlePatterns for well, subtle patterns
B.A.E. by jonwd7
FO4EDIT by zilav and the EDIT team
Dinozaurz for permission to add in her snap points!

As of version 4.1 there are not yet any assets used  from
renovated furniture... however,
there soon will be as the furniture will be used in new pre
war houses I am creating for the simulation.

A mod manager may tell you that renovated furniture is 
required to use the mod however as of 4.1 this is not the
case because I have yet to actually import anything.