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This is clean traditional Sanctuary that gets you ready to go without spending a lot of time cleaning up before building.

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This is my start up mod for Sanctuary.

Sanctuary has always been such a time sink for me at the beginning of a game. Cleaning up leaves, garbage, trees, nauseam..too bad if somehow my game save got corrupted again. Well, no more. I felt that some of you might enjoy it.

Of course, I recommend that you use this on a new game although, I have had no issues with a games in progress. I also recommend that you load this below other mods that affect this area. Please try changing your load order if you don't see things as depicted in the description. Other mods that affect this area may cause conflicts. I recommend
Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410 for your scrapping needs. It works well with this mod.

What you won't see...
>dirty streets
>muddy puddles that never dry
>trees (with the exception of the tree in the cul de sac)
>bushes (with the exception of the ones that Codsworth trims.)
>leaf piles
>picket fences
>privet hedges (with the exception of one by the first house on the left. It has a Graygarden quest marker attached to it.)
>the dead raider, blood splatter and mongrel dog.

What you should see...
>All of the destroyed houses have been replaced with whole houses that are fully navmeshed.
>Most of the carports have been removed except on the player house and Rosa's where the workbench is. Sanctuary road pieces are changed to reflect that.

>All of the house pieces (walls, roof, dormer if present, sound markers, front steps, sidewalk steps leading to stairs) are all linked to the foundation. So if you want to scrap any particular house or clear the whole settlement, select the foundation you want and scrap it. The rest of the house should go with it. It makes it easier if you don't want to use the existing structures and want to save time scrapping them. If you want to keep the foundation, scrap the walls. Everything is attached to them except for the steps and step stones.
>There is a thermostat in every house in the entrance to the hallway on the left. If you hover over it in workshop mode you will see that it says to scrap it if you want to scrap the groaning/creaking house sound. That will be the only thing scrapped in the house. The thermostat is linked to the walls if you are doing the whole house. I didn't remove the creaking sounds because I actually like them.
>Expanded boundaries that cover the entire island but there is NO visible border. If you are standing on the island, you most likely are in the build area.
>Both bridges have been replaced. Full navmesh on the North Bridge is added. I removed this just in case someone wants to use the old destroyed bridge. It really changes nothing in regards to usability of the bridge.
>All of the houses are empty of all furniture/cabinets/items with the exception of Shaun's crib because there is quest trigger attached to it. And the fireplace BOS quest attached to it.
>All of the materials gained by scrapping and the items that were scattered about Sanctuary are located in an ammo box on the workbench. The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book and Grognak magazine are also on the workbench. To get the item list, I started a new game with no scrapping mods. I performed a 'scrapall' and then retrieved everything that wasn't scrapped. I looked at what was available and then placed the items in the ammo box. You are not losing anything in the way of materials, you just don't have to do it yourself.
>All of the quest triggers and the insects are still intact.
>I left the trees/bushes outside of the old borders if you want it natural or there is plenty of room to put those brahmin out to pasture.
>All of the crafting workbenches are in the Rosa's carport.
>All of the ambient lighting is gone.
>I did not touch the bomb shelter (root cellar) behind the house. Mainly because I never use it. I just loot it and use a surface house.
>I moved the hammering npc markers to other houses (because they all need to be repaired, right?!) I then added a bunch of other npc markers and one for a child. I moved the ground sit markers to other locations. One is at the foot of the big tree, one is by the river and one is on the cliff overlooking the foot bridge. The only npc marker that I didn't move was the guard position one that is right by the carport. Npc markers that are working on houses (hammering, welding, painting) are linked to the house walls. You scrap the walls, the markers go!
>Doors have been added to all of the houses. They are linked to the walls as well.

The mods seen in the images besides this mod:
Repaired Sanctuary Roofs by Lateraliss
Paint that house by Zumika
Patch Job - Fill Those Holes by Stuyk
Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow by GameDuchess>Spring season is used
I also posted some images without these other mods so you can see what it looks like without them.

Special thanks to Jackapoint for just being awesome and also for help and patience with my questions! :-D

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Or follow the link to get the merged version(s)

Mod has been cleaned with FO4Edit.
Thank you and enjoy!