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This is a mod and tutorial to get in-game body morphs using Super Hero Bodies.

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With the introduction of in-game sliders from the LooksMenu mod, users of CBBE (and other morph mods) can change their bodies in-game. I present to you a simple mod and tutorial to allow you to change your bodies in-game using Super Hero Bodies. This is meant for the underwear version 'nevernude' of Super Hero Bodies.

Instructions- (I'll make a more visual orientated Tutorial later)
1. Download and install Bodyslide
2. Download and install Super Hero Bodies
3. Download and install LooksMenu
4. Download and install and activate this mod. The plugin is blank but it is required to keep everything working.
5a. Download and install armor conversions from other mods.
     a. Vanilla Refits
     b. Automatron Refits
     c. Nuka World Refits
     d. Far Harbor Refits
     e. Clothing of the Commonwealth Refits
     f. Tough Traveler Outfit
     g. Modular Leather Armor
     h. Rebel Armor (Download the original armor here)
     i. The Freebooter
     z. If you know of a SHB compatible armor, please let me know so I can put it on the list.
5b. To convert armors that aren't already converted, use the tutorial on the Super Hero Bodies page.
6. Open up Bodyslide and select any SHB converted armor from the Outfit/Body dropdown list.
7. Set all sliders to 0 or select the Base preset.
8. Check the Build Morphs box next to the Batch Build button.
9a. Click on the Batch Build button as if you were to build them to a specific body shape.
9b. If you have both male and female armors, you should deselect all the female armors (if you know which ones are which). If you don't know which ones they are, it SHOULD be fine.
10. Select Build and let Bodyslide do it's thing.

You should now be able to use LooksMenu to change yours and NPCs' body shapes in-game from a new game or the showlooksmenu command.

I may post pictures of it in action if you guys care for it.