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A simple sky-base within your pip-boy, accessible anywhere at anytime! Includes a settlement and a nice view. Now with matrix sky available!

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I found out what navmeshes were lol, so now the NPCs will walk around more easily,
but they still like to fall over lol.
Also added small tweaks to the matrix sky.
And a background custom soundtrack (From the Talos Principle, really adds something)

Your own virtual world space accessible from anywhere via an holotape or a controller ring. Nice if you want to set up a very practical home in a skyish environment.

To get started just find the holotape and the ring located on the Sanctuary workshop or craft them from a Chem Lab.

In your load order place this mod before any mod that alter Sanctuary or the sky. It should not conflict with anything but I don't know.

PS: This is my first mod ever so thank you if you have any tips or suggestions! Also sorry if I did anything wrong haha


-Your own world space accessible via an holotape located on the Sanctuary workshop (features a 'Back to Santuary' command in case you are stuck somewhere).

-A fast travel ring next to the holotape that you can assign to a hotkey (equip it to enter the world, unequip to leave).

-A glasses version of the ring.

-All three are craftable in a Chem Lab.

-A built-in settlement.

-A terminal that allows you to:
-Change the platform size
-Turn on/off the anti-fall protection
-Show a full set of workbenches.
-Select the sky you want, with 3 normal skies and 2 customized skies (the Fabulous and the Matrix)

-A small carpet/bed to change the time.


-If you enter and leave the world while being in the Railroad base or in the Institute the Map may not show. Then use the emergency tp to sanctuary command in the holotape.

-If you send a NPC there from the real world it will not get there (You will find it where you left it)

-If you drop an object on the ground, then quit/reenter the world, it may fall off in the sea.


Big thanks to all the tutorials I found here and there, mostly
Also big thanks to the people in the comments who helped me!
And thank you to echelon5272 for his mod because I started experimenting in the creation kit with it!

Using the technology that allows tou to enter Dima's memory, Sturges has found a way to let you enter the data within your Pip-Boy! (Thus it is lore friendly)