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Discontinued - Disables, but does not delete the 'UGLY' trash piles in the game. Created with the CK and edited with FO4EDIT

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This mod attempts to make the Wasteland look a little less trashy! I have set all trash piles not part of a combined mesh to hidden. The result is noticeable and makes the game look much better. (EDIT 01/01/19): I was wrong, it does affect precombined meshs so it will drop performance but the game will look cleaner..

I will be removing this mod from NEXUS soon. Maybe End of the year. IF you want to keep a copy for your own upload feel free. I am just not wanting to keep this on Nexus any longer since it breaks precombines in the entire game


     I hate how Bethesda thinks that just because we are in the wasteland of Post-Apocalyptia that people would not try to keep things clean. Who would make a home out there and not end up cleaning the area, given enough time and boredom. Even if it is with slave work, like the raiders. No one would sleep next to the smelly trash if they did not have to. Even raiders like having nice things and clean places to sleep.
     Second, where did all this trash come from? Even with 200 years of neglect you need people to make the trash and I am sure it would not be that apparent in not lived/ common areas after the bombs fell.

This mod affects almost every inch of the game; as such it was important to make sure that I only disabled the trash and did not delete them, for compatibility across all mods and to 'hopefully' prevent the performance issues that most cleaning mod encounter when you delete things.
  •    I will be diligent on fixing the gaps as I find them by removing the trash marker from my mod, so that it will show back in the game as normal, unfortunately I do not have the time or energy to try and fix the gaps, nor would I want my mod to conflict with other players mod by adding my own changes.
  •    As Such, there are so many locations that have been touched i could never fully test them all, or some areas that I would not notice due to time of day or just plain not going near the area.
  •    I am only one person, and unless i want to make this creating this mod a chore and not just a cosmetic effect, I am not going to just spend hours running around looking for the gaps to fix them. Most should be very minor but some will be very obvious. Some will make you question WTF bethesda was thinking.

   This is where I need your help. You will surely encounter, due to bethesda level designers being lazy, gaps in buildings and floors that are now visible due to them using trash instead of filling the gaps correctly. This will affect both exterior and interiors. Rest assured that I will fix any area you find problematic. 

Things my mod does not affect:
  • Trash decals
  • Debris decals
  • Rubble piles and other non 'trash' piles

Known issue:
With some trash pile gone, you will find floating objects that originally used the trash as a 'Prop'. While this is unsightly i am not sure how bad the issue will be. I have noticed it in Nuka-World, in many areas near the Overboss's home and in the market.
Also I have noticed the trash piles seem to have hidden a lot of scrap items in them, you should find random trash 'clutter', Nuka Tokens and Tickets, and many other thing now visible and able to pickup that you could not see before.
Please provide me with feedback.

I am currently starting a new game and working through the DLC first and will move to the commonwealth after. But, with your help and hopefully very exact location info I will patch the commonwealth just as much as the DLCs

**IMO this mod makes the game look a lot better! The few floating objects if have found are of little note**

Take Screenshots, make videos, provide save games; whatever it takes to make sure I can get the spots you find fixed.

(Please PM me with any images, videos, save for issues.)

So after careful testing and trying to find some areas i will need the following details when you report issues:
  • If you are in DLC area or Commonwealth exterior/Interior. 
  • If you are in an interior, I need to know what interior, to the best of your knowledge

Example 1: I am in the cave, just past the red rocket, near sanctuary.
Example 2: I am in the vault 88 subway tunnel.
Example 3: I am in Nuka-World, The Parlor.

****Screenshots of you pipboy map are helpful and screenshots of the issues even better

>NOTE: If you are in survival mode, you will need a mod that allows you to use the console commands<
Upload pictures, in the images section, for areas this mod helps with, please feel free.

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