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Tweak the player-built Construction Light to your personal preference. Choose between five levels of brightness, optional shadows, and wireless/no-power options.

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Check out my other mod that brightens all player-placed lights
(Remember to load this mod after the 'all lights' mod if you plan to use them together.)

Construction Light Configurator
Formerly titled 'Brighter Construction Lights with Optional Shadows'

This mod changes the player-built Construction Lights so that they're much more useful by brightening them and increasing their range.

There are five brightness options to choose from, as well as the option to enable or disable shadow casting, and an option to disable the wire and power requirement for the light (so that it works like the other player-built lights instead). Shadow casting comes at a slight decrease in performance.

Made with FO4Edit.


Follow the installation prompts through your mod manager of choice.

For a manual installation, select your preferred version and copy that .esp into your Fallout 4\Data\ directory. Then enable the .esp in your load order.

Remember to enable mods in your Fallout4.ini.

Version history

1.0 - initial upload. Three versions: Brighter, Extra Bright, and Max Bright.
1.0.1 - added optional versions with shadows.
1.1 - added Less Harsh version, and NMM installer.
1.2 - added Medium version, between 'less harsh' and 'brighter'.
1.3 - Changed mod title from 'Brighter Construction Lights with Optional Shadows' to 'Construction Light Configurator', to reflect the addition of a powerless, wireless option in the installer.